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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. JimmyJohns99
    The r70 also seems to me much more  airy and spacious than the x2. To those who have experienced a lot of HPs, how does the r70 rank in this category versus the field? I heard the hd800 is phenomenal in this area
  2. daltonljj
    Yeah. I own the HD800 and it is indeed more airy and spacious and the soundstaging is way better. But one important factor to take not of is the price difference. In singapore the HD800 is more than 4x the r70x. That being said I think the r70x is a superb headphone at its price point
  3. hakushondaimao
    Just posted a review of the R70x here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/audio-technica-ath-r70x-r-series-professional-open-back-dynamic-reference-headphone/reviews/13216
    Only got them today (direct from Japan, wife just returned from two weeks over there), so this is just a very excited initial review that I may add to later. No comparisons to other phones, and I do certainly plan to at least have a shoot-out with the K7XX down the road.
    Very, very happy with what I'm hearing so far.
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  4. JimmyJohns99
    I agree completely with pro's and cons' My biggest beef is no short cord. I give it 5 stars at its price point. I am having a hard time trying to understand how headphones sound appreciably better than this. Havent tried the high end 1k+ headphones but still find it hard to believe because these are so clean and spacious
  5. hakushondaimao

    Agreed. I guess AT thinks that this is a "home" phone as it's open (and by that, I mean OPEN), so most listeners will plunk down in an armchair near their stereo and just sit and listen. 
    I'm sure I'm not alone though in being a listener who DOESN'T do that. Sometimes I'm laying on the couch watching Netflix through a portable DAC/AMP, and don't want a cord snaking about. Or I'm doing dishes with my stack in my back pocket, and don't want to trip all over. I'd be happy if there were no phone controls on the short cable, but I would like something about 1.2 m long!
  6. JimmyJohns99

    I have to ask - if u have the hd800s why are u messing around with these??
  7. earfonia
    Thanks for your review! I've put the link to your review on the first page. Waiting for your update with the comparisons with other headphones. Thanks!
    Because R70x is way better on vocal than HD800 [​IMG]
  8. hakushondaimao
    Will probably do it in a week to two weeks as we have the Calgary Head-Fi meet coming up next weekend and there's lots to organize still. Thanks for putting a link on the front page.
  9. earfonia
    Cool! Take your time!
  10. daltonljj
    Well if you really love this audio hobby i believe price should not be a measure of how good the headphones are. So just try them all have a better appreciation of the different cans. Doesn't mean you have a HD800 all headphones you try needs to be equivalent of higher tiers. Just enjoy them all. Gives you a better evaluation of your price to performance relative to other cans. 
     Well i beg to differ on that. If you've really tried the HD800 well amped and in very quiet environment you will hear it shine. The space it gives is something the r70x nvr achieved. Spatial cues on the HD800 is also way better than the r70x. All i can say is that the HD800 has a very open sound try auditioning it in a very quiet environment and you can hear the difference. But r70x price to performance is way higher than hd800. For about 60-70% the performance of the hd800 the r70x is approximately 1/4 the price. Find a friend who owns a hd800 request to loan it if he doesn't mind. But bare in mind that you'll need good amp pairing and you will be blown away. Then from there if you wanna move up the ladder you can test out the stax 009... simply superb but the price is simply insane.
  11. hakushondaimao
    When I read opinions on Head-Fi, I always subconsciously add the old "YMMV." Some people will prefer vocals from the R70x, and others from the HD800. And some people are constrained by budgets, and others aren't. That's what makes this whole game interesting.
  12. earfonia
    I'm HD800 user for years. I agree on the spaciousness, way better than R70x. But I said, on vocal, R70x is way better than HD800. Vocal sound on R70x is more natural than HD800. I've tried and reviewed AT-HA5050H, a $6k headphone amp with HD800. I know how HD800 sounds well amped. Still, I'm not impressed how HD800 performs on vocal. Clear and transparent but lacking in body.
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  13. daltonljj
    kk I guess i know what you're getting at ...correct me if i'm wrong... the body of the r70x is in a way thicker sounding... if that is what you're referring to then I guess its a bit more of personal preference cos i dont like my sound too thick ... i prefer the light and thin sound of the HD800 
  14. earfonia
    Well, you're right, could be personal preference, agree with you. But the R70x tonality is flatter, no treble peak, so from that perspective, for recording, it sounds more natural. Vocal sounds natural, not overly thick.
    The spacious and transparent sounding of HD800 is much better for large orchestra and complex music, where HD800 wins over R70x, more detailed, more spacious, with faster transient. For classical, I do prefer HD800 than R70x. But for vocal, I prefer R70x.
  15. 214324
    This is starting to make me wonder if Audio-Technica had intended the M70x to be a compliment to the R70x and vice versa, because from the little I've read of the M70x, it seems to have a dry, detailed, analytical sound in comparison to the natural sound of the R70x.
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