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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lalala6, Oct 17, 2014.
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  1. tolis626
    Hehe, yup.

    Let me rephrase my original post. I couldn't find anything in Europe. :L3000:
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  2. zwillmaster
    I tried streching the headband but it still leaves a hotspot and leaves my head hurting bad. I was wondering if the hd600 replacment headband foam pads and some velcro tape help me or maybe pilot pad or something. What do you guys think?
  3. tolis626
    To alleviate that, extend the headband all the way and then you can bend the top inwards. The headband on the MSR7 is too flat and that's what creates that hotspot, it doesn't follow the head's curvature and presses on the top. Fortunately, it's made of metal and takes well to being bent. You might need to apply more force than you feel comfortable with, though.

    For a visual representation of what I said, watch Tyll's review of the MSR7 of the Innerfidelity channel on Youtube. He shows how it's done.
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  4. zwillmaster
    Thank you, but yes I have seen the video and have tried this, it may have helped a little, but it still puts pressure on top of my head no matter how much i try to contour it to my head
  5. PaganDL
    Hi @zwillmaster,

    The only other thing I can suggest aside from adjusting the headband size is to change to thicker pads like zmf cowhide, this also works when fit issues are potentially tight like you experience.
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  6. Coop
    It's not a self-adjusting headband, so why not just extend it a click further? Unless you are using it at the gym or something like that, I see no reason not to do this.
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  7. zwillmaster
    I know but no matter what size i have it adusted to it still hurts. Thats why i am asking if some kind of cusion or something would help,like the hd600 pads,but i was wondering if anyone would know if something like that would help
  8. tolis626
    Well, as far as comfort is concerned, bigger pads can't be beat.No matter how one spins it, they make cans more comfortable and the MSR7 are no exception. And the fact that the sit more properly on the side of your head relieves some pressure from the top. However, on these specifically, bigger pads destroy the sound completely without further meddling with them. If you're willing, you can try modding them to get them to work for you. There's 2 things I'd do if I were you :

    1) I wouldn't really recommend this, because I don't know if it'd work, but you could unscrew the pieces that hold the headband's pleather pad, remove it and add more padding in the middle. I don't know if it's doable, but I see no reason why it wouldn't, the pleather has some play so it seems there's more space there to add padding. Alternatively, you could try getting additional external padding, like a sleeve or stick-on pads like the ones for the HD600, but these, again, aren't guaranteed to work and would probably look butt ugly IMO.

    2) Do what I did and mod the things. Buy a pair of Brainwavz sheepsking pads (or the pleathers, but sheepskins are nicer and sound a tad better). Start by fully extending the headband and then do it like Tyll, press your thumbs right at the top (the part that squeezes your skull and makes it hurt) and then bend the headband inwards. That corrects the angle of the headband and gives it a more natural shape, like the head, so it doesn't rest flat on the top of your skull and press one spot (you can also do that no matter what you decide, it helps regardless). Install the Brainwavz pads and give them a listen. Exclaim "WOW, these sound like crap" and grab a screwdriver. Take the pads off, unscrew the inner 4 screws, wiggle the cups apart while watching out for the cable (DON'T PULL HARD) and remove the little white felt ring in the middle. Put the things back together while being careful how you cram the cable in there (DON'T CRUSH IT ANYWHERE), screw them on and then repeat for the other side (right side's easier as it doesn't have the 3.5mm jack in the way). Put the Brainwavz pads back on and give them a listen. Ask yourself why the MSR7 weren't made like that in the first place, because they now sound amazing and are actually pretty comfy. Enjoy your practically new cans. You can find details on this mod a few pages back in this thread or here ( https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the...dphone-mods-here.867426/page-13#post-14446717 ).

    Honestly, I'm actually surprised that more people haven't done the same mod, but I digress. Good luck whatever you decide to do mate!
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  9. zwillmaster
    Well thank you for all that info however i was finally able to contour them to my head right and i have no uncomfort after several hours of countious use.. thank you all for recom3ndations
  10. SteveOliver
    We discussed this modification back a page or so ago, I finally got around to it.

    My balanced modified MSR7. Sounds great to me from the Sony ZX300 balanced port. Any questions just ask. :)

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  11. tolis626
    Holy balls, you actually did it. Nice job dude! Sick cable too!

    Impressions? Does it change the sound in any meaningful way? Any quirks?

    Also, since I'm thinking of doing the same thing in the future, is there any chance you can document what you did? And could you please link me to the TRRS plug you used? At least, that's what I assume you did, as I see a single jack there.
  12. SteveOliver
    Thanks :) Impressions will have to wait for a while as I'm currently listening in mono, my left ear is partially blocked up at the moment.

    It was quite a simple mod, I used a socket like this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-3-5M...-STEREO-SOLDER-PANEL-MOUNT-GOLD-/151639877024

    Open up the left side, remove the existing socket, drill out the socket hole a couple of mm larger, fit the TRRS socket, solder the wires in the correct places and reassemble.

    The cable is the same one as I use with my Oppo PM-3, its from Custom Cans. https://customcans.co.uk/s/s/index....headphones-and-cables/pm3-balanced-cable.html

    Like the PM-3 the socket on the MSR7 also works with a TRS single-ended cable so its quite easy to compare both SE and balanced, which I will do when I have my hearing back.

    I'm sure there will be differences, especially with the Sony NW-ZX300, simply because with this DAP everything sounds better from the balanced port.
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  13. Quasimodosbelfry
    Holy guacamole! This looks awesome!
    I'm gonna look into this!
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  14. tolis626
    Well... The socket you linked me to is a 3-pin TRS one, so no balanced for that. I suppose you didn't use that, but something similar, just 4 pole, right?

    Hope your hearing improves quickly bud. And happy listening when it does! I'll wait for you impressions!

    Other than that, I wish I had a balanced capable amp so that I'd be able to do this too. Not only would it be cool, but I also want to see what the MSR7 can do balanced. After modding them, they finally have real, substantial sub bass, unlike stock. But that sub bass requires some power, even with how efficient these things are. I mean, they mostly play fine on my phone, but that sub bass disappears somewhat. Plug it back in the Q1, it's right there again. Wonder what it could do with more. Not much I guess, but that wouldn't stop me from trying. Given the right treatment, these things are beastly!
    I'm gonna look into your avatar, if you don't mind. :beyersmile:
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  15. SteveOliver
    Thanks @tolis626 Yes you are right, I did link a 3 pole socket, obviously my hearing deficiency affected my thinking ability too :) . The socket I got was from China via Amazon. I didn't provide a link to the one I used because it isn't gold plated, I don't think the lack of gold plating makes a lot of difference, but I do think some may prefer gold plated.

    I'm quite amazed at the sound the MSR7 can produce they are great value to be honest. If I just had one headphone I would be happy if it were the MSR7. The only issue most, if not all people have with them, is top of the head comfort over long listening sessions, which as we all know can be "improved" a bit with some headband tweeking.

    I also didn't realise until I took the ear pad off to do this modification that the driver is of the angled variety, something that I do believe improves sound-stage.
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