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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lalala6, Oct 17, 2014.
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  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    Not without internal modifications/re-cabling.
  2. iancraig10
    I borrowed an MSR7 and compared it directly with a k553 and found that the k553 sounds thinner in the lower treble region which was a surprise to me.

    The other thing I've noticed is a little more worrying since I've now noticed this 3 times with three different AKG's. The centre focuses way better on the msr7, where the k553 is a little vague in the middle. Possibly, slightly off centre too.

    I've also noticed this on a K545 and a k550. Makes me wonder about driver matching or quality control tbh.

    The msr7 seems slightly fuller to me and the pinpointing of sounds is more precise.

    Has anyone else noticed the same effect with AKG's and compared with the msr7?
  3. Coop
    Yes, but I didn't think much of it, as it was with a cheap K430 portable. With my K702 it's not an issue.
  4. roguepp88
    Anyone have flaking leather on their headband? Does anyone know how to deal with this? I don't think a replacement headband is available anywhere right?
  5. FYLegend
    Mine is just over a year old and still no flaking - only a little bit of chipping on the side. You probably need to contact Audio-Technica for a headband replacement which might be over 30$ USD (I remember asking them about for the M50x at AT Showroom in Taiwan). Otherwise the best thing to do is buy one of those headband protectors or any kind of cloth materal that can be wrapped around the headband.
  6. brugis
    What about Brainwavz Memory Foam Earpads - Sheepskin Leather - Angled​ on MSR7?
  7. demi9od1
    I think I read that someone had tried them and they were not good.  Moving the drivers further away from the ear caused them to get thin and cold.
  8. brugis

    ok, thank you.
  9. ZapX629
    Yep, that's exactly right. I don't have my MSR7 anymore, but they don't do well with any pad changes I tried. 
  10. Sp12er3
    Try Yaxi leather St pads, they have around th e same thickness as the stock with added benefit of real leather and softer memory foam. In M40x it doesn't change the sound sig, so I think it'd be the same with MSR7.
  11. FYLegend
    Hmm after about 1 year the hinge has started to creak on the right side going up and down. Is there anything that can reduce this? Sometimes flexing the hinge back a few times will help but it still clicks when I move my head diagonally towards my shoulder.
  12. Dieucocto
    Look at all this fake MSR7 on dhgate ! [​IMG]
    It's scary ! Now I'm starting to think that my Sony MDR1-ABT is a fake (because it's so bad) [​IMG]
  13. iancraig10
    After my experience with a fake MSR7, I am very wary tbh. Some of these companies are charging very close to the rrp so there is no real indication. A friend of mine bought one to test with regards to retailing them himself. It sounded awful and he gave it to me.

    I wrote some very poor reviews here on it and it surprises me that no one went bonkers. I found out by accident when I sent it to another friend who took it apart in order to try and mod it. He wasn't able to do much with it and after I posted pictures on my site, someone came in and told us that the drivers were wrong!!

    So I immediately came back here and took my posts off and apologised.

    The other problem is that they were described on here as very much low bass and shrieky headphones. Well, the copies are way worse, so I accepted that as 'normal'. They fitted the descriptions that I was reading here but were really bad.

    I got my hands on a real one and it's nothing like the copy. Streets ahead. Smoother, much more bass than I expected and now I'd like to buy a real one myself since it is actually very good.

    The whole thing made me very careful.
  14. WilliamLeonhart
  15. iancraig10
    Also the lower pricing isn't always the way to spot it. Some of these companies or sending them out at close to our RRP so you really wouldn't know until you received it. Then the company goes into denial.

    The company that I dealt with went into denial at first. I then sent them photographs of the drivers and the real drivers and they instantly apologised and offered me a refund if I could send the fakes back. I told them that I couldn't send the fakes back because I had taken them apart and then throw them away because they sounded so awful.

    They still refunded my money with no questions.

    I contacted Audio Technica and EBay who are now investigating them.

    Maybe even some people who have reviewed them on here have actually reviewed a fake pair.
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