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Audio Technica ATH-M50 vs. Sony MDR-V6

  1. satointl
    Hello guys, I already own a pair of the Sony MDR-V6's and I'm wondering if I should buy the Audio Technica ATH-M50s. I've seen many posts and they usually end diverting into a series of different headphones, but I'm determined to know the differences, the similarities, if there are noticeable sound differences, and if it's worth investing into. Thanks!
  2. zazex
    I've owned the V6's for several years.
    Don't listen to them much anymore, but coincidentally did listen to them last night.
    Owned the M50's twice; one curly cord and one straight cord.
    Both have been sold.
    The V6 is brighter than the M50 = more top; more treble.
    It can wear on you after a while.
    Bottom on the V6 is good, satisfying.  
    Bottom on the M50 is somewhat better = deeper.  
    M50 has more bass but not so much that it's a "basshead" headphone.
    Midrange sounds more natural to me on the M50.
    Both are made well and comfortable to wear.
    Both fold for portability.
    M50 is larger physically, and a bit heavier IIRC.
    Your call on which is more comfortable.
    M50 has overall a 'darker' presentation than the V6.
    Soundstage? To me, about the same.
    Perhaps a slight edge to the V6, but with closed headphones
    you're not going to get a super soundstage in any event.
    Both are easily driven.
    I like the M50 more than the V6, but the V6 does have a unique and
    sound signature that's attractive to many -
    and that's been the case for a long time.  They're still used in studios
    all over, and they're probably one of the only headphones that's
    received literally thousands of positive reviews. 
    They just sound "right" to a whole lot of people.
    Sold my M50 straight cable about a year ago, and the
    curly cable about two years ago.
    I liked the straight cable version a lot, but picked up a couple
    of new closed headphones that I like even more.
  3. musubi1000

    that sums it up pretty well. I find the V6s overly bright and lacking in the sub bass. They have good resolution but I find the M50s so much more musical.
  4. musubi1000
    Sorry didnt mean to double down
  5. Deep Funk
    The V6 is overrated. If you want to stay Sony just get the CD900 ST. 
  6. KG Jag
    The M50 has a "V" shaped EQ with recessed mids.  In the current market, it's priced fairly high vs. competitive and some better cans.  It might not be what you're looking for.  I understand that your Sony is rather neutral.  What kind of a sound and characteristics are you seeking in you next can
  7. zazex
    The V6 has too much top to be termed 'neutral'.
    Probably too much bottom as well.
    They've been called the Yamaha NS-10 of headphones,
    and I think that's pretty accurate.
    Wondering what you'd recommend in the M50's price range;
    I'm always on the lookout for good closed headphones.
  8. satointl
    Ironically I said that I've read a lot of post and they diverge into other headphones. Seems like this one is going to too. I should also mention that I don't listen to my music very loudly, which could somewhat affect how much bass I'm listening... Zazex, thanks for the description and to KG Jag, I think the MDRV6s do a good job for me, and I listen to anything but country, but the only thing I wish it could play very well like the rest, is rock/metal. I'm not really audiophile so I don't know how to explain or if there's a term for it but it just lacks that good sound you get from all the other genres. You also said that it's priced fairly high, and there are some better cans. Which do you recommend?
  9. KG Jag

    The Shure SRH 840.  For a bit more the Beyer DT 770 Pro.
  10. KG Jag

    I stay away from cans with too much of a "v" shaped EQ (means over emphasized bass and highs--at the expense of the mids), which means that the M50 is off the list.
    Stepping up from the Sony--but staying with a neutralish closed can--lead you to the Shure SRH 440 (a bit better, but probably not enough to buy it), Shure SRH 840 and Barinwavz HM5.  These are all priced in the low/mid $100's or less.
    Above that you get into the Ultrasone HiFi 780 & Pro 750, Shure SRH 940, Beyer DT 770 Pro (with "V" EQ lite) and Denon D2000 (has moderate "V" EQ--but many still like it because of great bass/sub bass).
  11. wilyodysseus
    I own both.

    The V6 has a punchy mid-bass, but the bass rolls-off quickly and sub-base is small. Its sound is good overall, especially for the price, but it can quickly fatigue with music listening. Th V6 is better for monitoring (especially voice/speech monitoring) than for enjoying music.

    The M50 has a much fatter bass. The bass goes deeper, and all bass frequencies are more prominent, to the extent that bass intrudes somewhat on the mids. Despite this, the V6 has slightly more mid-bass impact than the M50. The M50 is far more enjoyable for music listening and far less fatiguing than the V6, but I'd rather have the V6 for speech monitoring. The M50 is slightly harder to drive than the V6; even a modest portable amp tightens the bass a little. These are good, likable headphones. They're perhaps less of a good value for their price than the V6, but more enjoyable.

    The M50 is the better headphone, but I understand how some people might prefer the V6 for certain uses.
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  12. satointl
    I see...... [​IMG]
    Ahh! There's still so many... I took a quick look at all of them, and I'd like to say around the $150 price range. I'm also in it for pure music listening; no mixing, no studio monitoring. Also.. the MDR V6s gives me ear discomfort after 2 hours... Brainwavz HM5 looks really comfortable... [​IMG]
  13. KG Jag
    The HM5 is the most comfortable on my lower priced list--once you get beyond the initial very firm head clamp pressure.
    The 840 has the best sound for music within that same group.
  14. zazex
    I like the 840's.  Owned them for about a year.  Hated the way they looked, but if you happen to be listening to them
    while alone it's not relevant.  I did find them overly heavy and somewhat uncomfortable. 
    But do sound really nice.  I think they're better then the 940's overall, in fact.
    I eventually sold them and kept my ATH M50's which to me sounded as good - although with a different sound
    signature - and were more comfortable.  I also think the M50's are made somewhat better. 
    Pretty much my view...
    Haven't heard the HM5 but they do look interesting. 
    And Amazon's had them recently for 139.
    Beyer makes superb headphones, but the DT770's have too much bass for me.
    I guess I feel that the 840's are a bit of a move sideways from the ATH M50's
    rather than being clearly better.  But that's a debate that still continues. :)
  15. freshdrum
    i dont mean to steal the thread, but does anyone know how is the m50 coompare to the new sony mdr v55? and does the m50 worth the extra money?

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