Audio Technica ATH-M50 VS Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO VS Other headphones (?)
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May 7, 2013
(This is my first post and I'm new here, sorry :) )

OK. I'm 14 years old and an amateur music producer who make mostly progressive house and some other kinds of music (just for fun :) ).
I'm an aspiring audiophile, so I don't know THAT much about sound. But I know that beats sucks (owned a pair, still ashamed) and that you shouldn't have too much bass. Sadly enough, most teenagers today thinks that too much bass is good, but that's not the point. And sorry for my english, I'm 14 and norwegian.

So the thing is that I need a pair of headphones that has as good and balanced sound quality as possible. I mostly listen to/make house music, but sometimes I also listen to other stuff like my dad's favorite 80's rock :p I'm not a basshead, but I like a lot of bass. But not too much! And I don't like the loose cheap bass like beats that just kicks your ears, more like a deep massage'y bass. So which pair of headphones are good for this? ATH-M50 or DT770 PRO? Or some other cans? And I like over ear headphones with curled piggytail cables like those :) (I suck at explaining xD )

The headphones has to have/be*
*overear headphones
*curled cable
*Great, balanced sound quality that's perfect and clear
*Good, deep, massage-y bass, but still balanced to the highs and mids
*Same pricerange as the ATH-M50 or DT770 PRO

Things I wonder about:
*Are there any good, cheap amps that I can use for my phone?
*Are ATH-M50 and DT770 PRO too bass-y ?
*Are there any headphones that has a replaceable cable like beats studio, but curled?
*Is it possible to DJ/Mix with these? I'm gonna start mixing

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Jul 30, 2012
I'd say go for the Dt770/80ohm. It's much better than the m50s in terms of SQ. You will want an amp for them though. Go solid state if you feel that the bass is enough, and you want more speed, clarity, details, etc. Otherwise if you feel like there's not enough bass, or if the treble is harsh, then get a tube amp for the Beyers.

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