Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review
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I will be ordering these shortly. I want to know if they will sound good for psy/Goa trance, commercial trance & dubstep genres?

I can definitely tell you they sound great w/ electronic. But try them for yourself. Don't forget to give them some time to burn in.
Feb 15, 2014 at 9:55 PM Post #167 of 178
I'm not into punk music but looked into The Flatliners. The reason being is that I don't think the mids are recessed much, maybe a "hair". The Flatliners however did sound notably recessed to the point where after a few songs I deleted them. I listened to 320K MP3s (because FLAC sounds NO different to me) of the band just to make sure and yeah, definitely recessed. Just my two cents. I also might listen loud enough with other music that the highs and mids get louder overall. If that's possible.
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I use the ATH M 50 and Sennheiser HD 380 Pro for my digital keyboard, both right out of the keyboard's phone jack, and also with a Little Dot LD 1+ sitting on top of the keyboard ... And I think they both do a great job with all the voices on the instrument...
So, I would say both headphones do a LOT of things reasonably well... Nothing really bad...
Note: I went on this crusade to find better sounding cans for my keyboard, which is a studio grade stereo instrument, even going up to AKG 712, and Beyer T 70p ($400 / $500 range), and they didn't do well... One reason is that some of the synth voices are very aggressive, some almost being a square wave... There were stray resonances with the more expensive phones... I sent them back...
Then went back to the HD 380s and ATH M 50s...
These phones were made to take heavy program material without breaking up, and the sound is more satisfying than more expensive "professional" headphones, which can be dry and unforgiving...
So, in the long run, it's the synergy between the equipment being used, and the headphones...
Added: I do want to say that both these phones benefit from 1) A headphone amp, and, 2) An extensive parametric EQ program... You can get the things just where you want them... Note: The ATH M 50s tend to have a fat bass that sometimes sounds good, other times not... I just EQ in that range to suit my tastes for that particular voice and music... Also, the ATs need a lot of break-in time... Preferably with the most severe material you can throw at them...
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So I got these a few weeks ago as a birthday gift to myself, having returned a pair of bose to Best Buy. My previous headphones (Klipsch Image One) were great, comfortable, light, but had a fatal flaw: the cord. So the sound no longer presented itself on one side. I sullenly returned them and thought that I would not experience better sound with any other headphones out there.
I decided to finally spend and get these guys. Arrived within 1 day and I was extremely excited. At first the sound was good, but not mind-blowing. Plugging them into my tablet (Nexus 7) and my phone (Nexus 5) made it worse as the sound was terrible. The 2 devices just do not have the capability of amping the sound properly. I thought: damn, well I may as well just use them with my desktop and my laptop. I changed the equalizer settings on itunes and kicked off some music. Holy cow the sound was suddenly great. I tried varieties of songs: classical, rap, rock, electronica... all good.
Then I plugged them into my macbook pro and fired up google play music. The sound was terrible. I wanted to equalize the sound coming out of the laptop, so I found some instructions online and downloaded soundflower and AU Lab. I then played around with the equalizer settings and set them to the following:

Kicked off the music and holy cow... the bass is intense... almost overwhelmingly intense, but so well expressed. The sound quality is fantastic for the price that I paid ($130). I can't believe how good these guys are... I can't bear to listen to music with anything else now (even my 5.1 speakers at home). After having failed with so many headphones and earphones in the past (JVC HARX, Bose, various sony headphones, Shure earbuds since 2006), I finally found the perfect pair. I'm so happy.
Thanks to you all and to others for the advice on getting these. These are amazing.
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I like the M50 very much.  It doesn't get up to the level of the DT-880's, but honestly, liked as well as my AKG 240.  Value and sound quality for the price is unmatched in my limited experience.  Very good purchase for anyone here.  The bass is prominent, but also of high quality, so that makes it ear-catching, but didn't listen for hours and hours so can't judge the long term impression it would give.  Seems like all headphones require an appreciation of their own, the the M50's are worthy of it.
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M50 or JVC HA-S680 Carbon Nanotubes???
M50 141€ on amazon...JVC 57€ on ebay...
Help me please...i like the bass and i listen trance/dance generally...and a little rock/pop...
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  How much better are the Momentum's and are they comfortable? 

The momentums are comfortable but not for long sessions (I wear glasses) after a while they hurt. I like the presentation more, they have a better bass (not quantity but quality) and IMO they great all rounder. I use my ATH M50 for long travels tho.
I hope this helps
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Anyone have any recommendations that are a step up from the M50's?

I've been looking for one as well. Bought AKG 271, DT770 but i was going back to M50's every time - can't find anything that good at this price range (when it comes to closed back HP). I had in mind Fostex TH-600 or Alpha Dogs for a while but the price is much higher.
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which is better these or   and before people ask i listen to 80,s 90,s rock Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Rem, Foreigner ac-dc etc
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All this while was listening to the the M50s on the iphone [i would say 38 impedance is too much for the iphone to handle] (almost 3 years now). recently i plugged into the equation a FiiO E17K Alpen 2 Headphone Amp/ DAC and boy did the sound open up!! i was not aware that these could sound so different with and with a dac/amp. I would suggest anyone using source equipment with lesser power to invest in a headphone amp/dac to experience how the whole listening experience and SQ changes.

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