Audio Technica ATH-M50 or Ultrasone HFI-580, HFI-680, or HFI-780?
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Mar 13, 2011
Okay, so I just edited my post, and originally I was debating whether I should get the M50's or the DJ1/DJ1 Pro's, but tyoung8 said they both have coiled cables which I really dont like because these are meant for portable use (yes I know they're kinda big but I can deal with it) and coiled cables are plain out...yuck (in public).


So I took tyoung8's advice, and now I'm looking at the M50 vs the HFI 580, 680, or 780...I read a couple reviews and heres my situation:


1. I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-ES7's, and I really like them, everything is crisp except their lows.  They really really lack lows, even to the point where I can't hear the bass drum thump sometimes, so the other day I bought the Fiio e5 in hope that it would "bring my headphones to their full potential" (as quoted by some review on amazon), and sure enough, the little $23 amp really did help with the lows.

2. So now here I am, with a pair of es7's that I love now because of the fiio, but I wanted to venture out and grab another pair of headphones.  

3. I've read that the M50's are bass heavy, but the newer models are more balanced. Is this true?  If it still is bass-heavy, is it to the point where the bass is overpowering?  I still want to hear my music along with some good bass (overpowering in my sense is all you mainly hear is the bass)  

4. If the m50's are more balanced, is this is a better thing?  I heard the 580's are more balanced than the m50's, but if the newer m50 is more balanced, how do the two compare now?

5. I also read a comparison between the m50 and 580, and they said the 580's bass is really weak compared to the m50, is it weak just  because the m50 is bass-heavy?  I don't want the same headphone I already have with weak bass (the es7's) 

6. Until yesterday when I discovered the DJ1/DJ1 Pro's I was for sure going to buy the m50's because people said I couldn't go wrong with them...Is this true?  Is it still true in comparison with the 580's?


What I listen to: (most listened to least)

1. Metal, rock

2. trance, drum & bass

3. hiphop, rap, r&b, dubstep, alternative



What I'm looking for:

1. Higher bass than the es7's (I guess I'm a bit of a bass-head, but I don't want over-powering bass, just enough)

2. Clarity in the sound with the bass (Don't want the bass to overpower everything and all I hear is bass bass bass)

3. Portability (I know they're big but which is more comfortable)

4. Cables (DON'T WANT COILED!!!!)

5. Good sounding unamped or good enough with the fiio e5 (using them for portable use)

6. Somewhat good looking! (Going to be wearing these in public!)


Using these WITH iPod Touch & Fiio E5 (Only when I feel like carrying it around)


So the bottom line: M50's, 580, 680, or 780??


Or can someone recommend a better headphone for under 200 bucks that fits what I'm looking for? (It'd be nice if it looked sorta nice, wearing them in public :D)


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