Audio Technica ATH-M40x: What DAC/AMP under $150? Audioengine D1 vs SMSL SD793-II vs ODAC vs Cambridge DacMagic XS vs Nuforce uDac-3 vs Shiit Magni 2 or FULLA
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Feb 28, 2004
My current system consists of the M40x and Klipsch Promedia 2.1, I need a DAC/AMP to connect to both of these. My use is a combination of enjoying music, mostly electronic spanning from ambient to techno, and mixing/music production in Ableton where a flat frequency response and high resolution is important. I currently have a Nuforce uDac-2 with a crapped out line-out, sounds fine, but looking for an upgrade and open to buying used components to meet my budget.

Audioengine D1 $120 - Great DAC, ok amp, probably more than adequate for the M40?
SMSL SD793-II $65 - Inferior DAC to A1? More powerful amp.
ODAC $120 - Best DAC, would need an extra $30 aux switch box, not sure how well they'd run the M40x directly
Cambridge DacMagic XS $150 - Don't know much about it.
Nuforce uDac-3 $150 - Doesn't seem as popular as the rest.
Shiit Magni 2 or FULLA $99/$79 - Also the Magni 2 + Amp combo can be had used within my budget.

Or something else!

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