Audio technica ATH-ESW9 Real vs Fakes?
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Feb 27, 2011
I wish to buy a Audio technica ATH-ESW9 fheadphones i think theese one are best priceway
I was looking at Ebay prices ranging between 160-320 USD.
But which one to trust.
The fakes is just plastic-wood while the real is Hokkaido cherry wood tree from Japan.
They mostly shipped from either Usa or Japan, some from hong kong
I guess ones from Japan is most to trust buying a 300usd make me feel more secure is authenic but there is no guarantee paying more give you the real.
Some sellers state they are authentic but thats also not enough to convince me XD
Is there a way i can ask seller of the Serial number then pass that over to Audio technica Japan to check if they real?
is that the only option to be sure?
Another question would ATH-M50XBL be better over ATH-ESW9 for outdoor use on mp3 player?

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