Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Rocks!
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New Head-Fier
Mar 5, 2008
Contrary to all the positive and some mixed opinions on this fabulous product I went and purchased mine today. My god did the headphones blow me away just seeing them was beautiful enough as it is but when my friend gave them a try and I saw it on someone else's head did I find out how good they look. Without any burn in the headphones already sound on par with my friends HD595. Bass is great and allows for mid and high ranges to shine without distorting them.

Overall the portability factor beats the 595s, looks a tonne better, and sounds gorgeous. Brains and Beauty in one great little package.

Highly recommend
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glad you like them - all the coloration issue aside, they're fun pair of phones that reproduce rock music to my liking (which is hard to find in closed phones) Now apparently ESW9 blows it out on the water - and it does classical!
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Hmm I'm looking to purchase a bigger pair of cans for home use and when i feel like having a bigger pair of cans at school. Have you ever tried the AKG K701s? I'm deciding on those or the ATH-W1000, any ideas?

Oh wow I just noticed, we both reside in Vancouver BC, kudos to a wonderful city
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ha, yeah vancouver is great

I have a pair of K701s and they're totally opposite sound to ES7s IMO. They also largely benefit from a dedicated amp - not very portable at all.
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Mmm, I think the ES7 will serve me well, just wish i could get it re-wired with a nicer sturdier cable. Everyone who listens to it think it costs more than it actually is. Definately will re-think the K701s now, feel free to throw me any good suggestions! Also having a though time deciding on an amp, either a penguin royal or a pico, but the pico is quite expensive...

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