Audio-Technica ATH-ES55 or is there something better
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Feb 27, 2009
Not sure if this is for this forum or the full-sized headphone forum would be better. But since I want these for portable use, I figured I would try here first...

Has anyone tried the ATH-ES55. Are they anygood? Is there something better. Basically I want a good (prefferably closed) portable set of cans, something I can easily take with me, but have good sound quality. I don't mind if they are a little on the bigger size, but not huge (don't need them for home use). I have a decent set of IEM's and earbuds, as well as the PortaPros. Looking for something a little bigger for my new Fuze (which I also have an amp for). I have my Ultrasone HFI-580's which sound great with it, but they are just too big for walking around in. Any help would be appreciated.

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