Audio Technica ATH-E70, ATH-E50, ATH-E40 IEMs announced at NAMM 2016

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  1. qsk78
    Exactly, very well said! This is why I prefer the E70 over my LS200 - tonality and details

    What was your source btw?
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  2. EasyEnemy
    Xduoo x10
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  3. EasyEnemy
    the e70 has crazy amount details. it is hard for me to believe, must be some voodoo magic, lol.
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  4. BartSimpson1976
    My JH13v2 is causing discomfort to my right ear if wearing for longer while. Therefore probably replacing it with a E70. It is high on my list, just have to do one more audition of E70 compared to EX4R, Heaven VII and New Primacy.
  5. Spaceman24
    I would love even a brief comparison between E70 and New Primacy when you get the chance!
  6. Spaceman24
    Well my E70 is on it’s way (can’t wait!!) and I’m looking for an aftermarket cable. The stock one is too long for me and the used E70 I ordered doesn’t come with it anyway. Not looking to spend $100+ on the cable as I snagged the iem for not too much more than that :p . There are plenty of good looking cables on Ebay but I don’t know if anyone has tested their quality.
  7. qsk78
    I'm happy with Forza Hybrid Series IEM, it was with mmcx connectors in the beginning, I just bought A2DC connectors from ebay and replaced the mmcx ones.
  8. Spaceman24
    The Forzas look great but they’re a bit pricey for me, will consider though
  9. julianlopez85
    hi guys i have the e40 and i recently replaced the stock m tips with the stock l tips and the difference in the seal is amazing and the amount of details is ridiculous but i can help but feel that while the sound is a lot more fuller but it might be a little muddy? anyone else had this issue? any workarounds? also is the e70 a big upgrade fromm the e40s?
  10. Kressel
    Get tips with a wider bore. JVC spiral dots are good. Ive tried the U900 silicone tips and they are really balanced. Just enough of highs and the tight low end they can provide. cheers!
  11. julianlopez85
    great...will go check them out thanks : )
  12. Arkady Duntov
    Because I like the CKR10 so much, I'm considering the E40. Are the opinions about their comparison still (mostly) favorable?

    And, is the cable noise better than the (NOISY) CKR10 cables?

    I find myself to be a tough fit and none of the stock tips with any of my IEMs are suitable. Will the SpinFit CP-240 tips fit these?
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  13. julianlopez85
    personally i've never tried the CKR 10's but i do own the e40's and i tihnk they're superb for the price...really enjoying them...i constantly tap my feet on my commute to work on a daily basis...i am considering the ls200 since they're the upgrades to the im02 but i will look at them closer to christmas when the sales go up but so far i'm a big fan of the audio technica line..they sound kickass...the cable i think is fine but i bought a custom cable off ebay cause i didnt quite like the memory wire which tends to irritate cable is a braided white cable/silver cable....i personally can't say there's a difference in the sound after swapping them but i'm not a professional audio guy...but i can definately say they e40's are worth the price...
  14. iems0nly
    Hi guys, you might be interested to check out this review of CKR100 - compared with E40 and E70. Happy reading :)
  15. qsk78
    Nice review.
    Regarding "The only downside with the E70s are that they get a bit sibilant – especially when the singers are throwing out the ssss or shshshshhhss."
    Try to play with cables and sources. I do not currently experience any sibilant in 95% of the time unless I listen to some poor quality records.
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