Audio-Technica ATH-A700 for gaming or I can do better for that price or less?
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Sep 2, 2005
Just wondering if the Audio-Technica ATH-A700 is good for gaming or if there are better choices for that price or better yet, less.
I got a Senh 212pro right now.
I do not use them too often as I got a full sound system but for playing too late when the wife is a bit cranky lol
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Can't really do much better, IMO. It is a very comfy phone, great sound field for gaming.
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Nice...should still be an overall improvement over the Sens 212pro not only for gaming but for my rare nights of listening to music next to my wife while she is sleeping I suppose.
Amp needed or is my x-fi prelude enough?
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Your card will make these sound great, especially with the CMSS-3D on, I use that on my A700's while I game. I think they do fine with gaming, but they really do even better with music. It would be a shame to use them solely for games. :p
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I'm a speaker lover just like must of you are headphone lovers....when it comes to music I can't get away from my Strata Minis but then again, they are not very portable so having a good can is going to be very nice lol
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Are you sure you wouldn't rather have the AD700's? I did test those by playing some Halo 3 through them and they did a really great job.
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The problem is, for those days that I may want to take them to bed, the open ones are not going to be an option thus limiting them ONLY for gaming...and I may regret that later. :)
Are those much better?

PS I assume the HARX700 is on par with my 212pro and not worth looking at right?
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The AD700 are said to be the best there is for gaming, unless you are willing to spend much more. I unfortunately can't speak from personal experience though. I haven't heard much about the A700 either and I don't know how they would compare for gaming.

EDIT: just read through this thread for example:
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I use my A900 (bigger brother to the A700) for gaming and enjoy them a lot for that use. I also use them for listening to music when it may bother my wife. They are very comfy cans if you are not a hot head (being closed they can get a bit warm however that has never been an issue for me). Being closed you do not bother others in the room with gun fire and explosions, which is my main reason for using these cans over my others for gaming.
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I just thought of something, what if I get the open version of the A700 instead an use it for gaming ( I assume the bigger soundstage is welcome for that) and then just use my current Sens 212 Pro when in bed or at work since that is not for crucial listening anyway.
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Originally Posted by goodguy8705 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Just a warning, they A700's and AD700's demand a pretty large head to fit properly. I made the mistake of purchasing them before realizing how large they are and am now sending them back.

I consider myself to have an avg size head and my A900 fits just fine, note that the headphone is NOT designed to clamp down like many headphones and so may not fit as tightly as some like.
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mmm that is one good point. I have a normal head but I do like headphones to fit tightly or I start pushing them myself with my hands to notice "what I am missing" because they are too loose if you know what I mean.
I wish I could try them locally....
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I don´t believe there are ¨best¨ phones for gaming, except you´re looking for ones with mic for network / team matches.
I went from the Sens 212pro to AKG K271S and the difference is epic. In fact, IMO the K271s (or the new MKII) are one of the finest closed cans on the market. Didn´t try the ATH-A700, but for sure, I can recommend the K271s for gaming and listening. What can I say.. they´re easy to drive, comfortable, with amazing soundstage for been closed, fast, neutral with top notch detailing capabilities, provide strong isolation, automute feature, etc. Unless you´re a basshead, you wont be disappointed.

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