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Audio-Technica ART Monitor Series Refreshed: A2000Z, A1000Z, A900Z, A500Z

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lalala6, Oct 8, 2015.
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  1. lalala6
    Audio-Technica has refreshed their entire ART Monitor series lineup.
    All new models are slated to be released on November 13th in Japan.
  2. Vartan
  3. Sundown
    Still using that stupid headband design I see.
  4. keanex Contributor
    Oh my lord. I wish i had money to buy all of these new Audio Technica offerings.
  5. Havo42

    Looks like it changed a bit, I hope it fits better like the R70x
  6. gelocks
    Probably still a barebones case with no accessories, non removable cables, thanks to headband support weak isolation, and a mids-happy sound that will retail in excess of $500? (ATH-A2000Z)

    Come on AT!!!! Surprise me!!!!!
    (Prefer a design like their WS-99 with bigger cups, deeper ear pads and these drivers possibly... Here's to hoping...)
  7. keanex Contributor
    Allow me to retort:
    - what sort lf accessories would you even expect with a full-sized headphone? They come with a 1/4 adapter and honestly that's all you need. I don't need a cheap cloth carrying pouch that some full-sized headphones come with, a hard case would be nice for travel, but I imagine that most people who bring their full-sized headphones with them have a Pelican case or similar. There's no need to add unecessarily to the price.

    - a removable cable is needed, I agree here.

    - the headband isnt for everyone but for some the design js a huge draw. The unique design is what started me on Audio Technica and I love it.

    - the A900x aren't mid focused. Not sure about the others in the line.

    - $500 for a closed flagship would actually be priced really well given the trend of manufacturers making $1,000+ headphones just because they know that they can. I'm looking at you Beyer and Akg.
    Havo42 likes this.
  8. gelocks

    Extra pads (see Beyer DT1770/Shure SRH1540, etc), extra cables (be it phone specific, coiled, etc... But oops, fixed cables), not everyone has pelican cases right and left, again Beyer/Shure comes to mind (doesn't need to be a pouch). And I don't mean it should "add" to the price. It should be part of the price!!

    Had the A900x, to my ears, mids were indeed emphasized...

    I agree with the last statement. Manufacturers are going trigger happy with price points! I just think AT should revamp their series properly. I did not really notice any changes with woodies W1000x/z, of course I didn't have them for long, but I just think the same thing will happen with these. And with nothing new literally to offer other than new makeup... Not sold. These would have to excel on sound alone and I just don't think AT put too much effort on the changes. Couple that with the same design, doesn't seem they did anything to attenuate outside sound, these usually leak a bit as well so it's a "closed-back" in a huge market of cheaper headphones that might do a better job.

    This is all assumptions of course, but they are based on the previous "upgrade" to their woodie series... If their prices ARE NOT competitive, then I would not be compelled to buy one.

    Of course, that's just my opinion. Again, hopefully AT surprises me/us.
  9. keanex Contributor

    Extra pads are far from common though. I can think of maybe 5 off of the top of my head that do come with extra pads. Let's be honest here, Audio Technica doesn't do much to set trends.

    As for hard cases, a good one costs about $50 for the consumer and goes north from there price wise. Whether you see it or not, that cost is rolled into the cost the consumer pays for the headphones if they come with a hardshell case.

    For what it's worth though their newest headphone the MSR7 comes with a removable cable and an additional cable.

    I dunno what to tell ya about the a900x, we all hear things differently, but it's commonly accepted that they are mildly vshaped and I agree. I have them and the original A900, and they both sound that way to my ears.

    As for the updates, the changes have been there with the x line. They've changed the wing system slightly, and they feel better in regards to build quality. The best updates are those that are subtle. Think of the x and z lines as v2 and v3, not new products redesigned from the ground up
  10. abuchino
    I hope I will get my hand on the new A2000Z to compare it with my a2000x next month, 
    From the first look, i guess they change the pads on the a2000z, the pad on my a2000x already worn out after a year.
    To be honest, i hope they won't change the a2000z the same way they did with the w1000z;to me the w1000z is kinda a big disappoinment.
    From what we already have, I guess it will have the "/" shaped  XD. DADS structure was already out sine 2003 with the w5000 so most likely will lack the punch, and the quantity in bass. The pepemendur driver with the metal cup will have the good old sparkly treble of the old a2000x,w5000.
    The thing I wonder about is their mid-range will they have old "traditional" ATH midrange( to keanex i freaking love the ad2000) or the new "dry and neutral" of the w1000z,r70x...  or may be it will just be the same "thin and bright" midrange of w5000 and a2000x.
    Just my $0.02 but i will most likely buy it unless it's a big disappoinment like the w1000z
  11. tresaistevadels
    A2000X is now only $330 brand new. Might pick up them, because A2000Z will be around $700 at start.
  12. Ra97oR
    Let see how much AT have improved the already pretty decent sound quailty of the A2000X with the new A2000Z. Let's hope that I don't have to go through the extreme head band yoga to get a proper seal for it to sound right. :rolleyes:
  13. viralcow
  14. viralcow
    See here's the problem with AT.
    For some reason, they really hate to change anything about their flagship" headphones. The problem with the 3D wing design is the seal, right? That's why the A900X (and in the A900Z and A500Z) had the yoke allowing vertical adjustment of the earcups. Why on earth are they not adopting it for the A1000Z/A2000Z? 
    That said, I'm very happy to see new drivers! Hopefully they'll export these 'fai' drivers to their W and AD series.
  15. Ra97oR

    That "fai" or Phi is a Google translate error. Audio Technica have always been using φ53mm to denote their driver sizes it seems.
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