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Audio-Technica Announces Five New Wireless Headphones @ CES 2017

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Audio-Technica is coming to CES this week bringing five new headphones in tow. First out of the gate is their new entry level wireless offering, the ATH-AR3BT. Audio-Technica describe it as having a "...richly detailed sound in a compact foldable design and sets a new value standard for high-performance on-ear wireless headphones." Features include aptX Bluetooth connectivity, all new dynamic driver, NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing and an estimated 30 hours of wireless play time. With its modest asking price of $119 USD, the ATH-AR3BT is shaping up to take the value statements to heart. Shipping spring 2017.
    ath_ar3bt_gp_1_sq.jpg    ath_ar3bt_bk_4_sq.jpg
    ATH-AR3BT (Black and white)​
    There's two new wireless in-ears coming as well. As you can probably guess by the names, the ATH-CKS990BT and ATH-CKS550BT in-ear wireless headphones are based on Audio-Technica's current ATH-CKS990 and ATH-CKS550 in-ear models, and Audio-Technica says they didn't just add bluetooth and call it a day. They claim these newest additions "...offer improved sound and wireless functionality over the previous models, along with more comfortable ergonomics, with the headphones’ control buttons located in front of the neckband for easier access and a more comfortable fit with better balance." The ATH-CKS990BT contains a 13mm Dual Magnetic Field Multiple-Transition driver and a 9.8mm version of that driver resides in the ATH-CKS550BT. Both support NFC pairing and the larger sibling adds aptX and a second bass venting port for improved performance. The ATH-CKS990BT will be available for $199 USD and the ATH-CKS550BT will only set you back $119 USD when they ship this spring.
    ath_cks990bt_1_sq.jpg    ath_cks550bt_bgd_1_sq.jpg
    ATH-CKS990 (Left - Black) and ATH-CKS550 (Right - Black/Gold)​
    Finally, with the ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT Audio-Technica is unveiling what they call the Pure Digital Drive system. This new system is one that Audio-Technica state keeps the signal completely digital and free of any digital to analog conversion earlier in the signal path, conversion that can create distortion and degrade the sound. The ATH-DSR7BT utilizes a more conventional single voice coil where the ATH-DSR9BT possesses a four wire voice coil for improved detail and clarity.
    "In the system, the Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote® chipset is used instead of a traditional D/A converter and amplifier. The Dnote system keeps the audio signal entirely in the digital domain from the source right through to the driver, thereby eliminating the opportunities for disruption or distortion that occur in the conversion stages employed in traditional systems."
    ath_dsr9bt_2_sq.jpg    ath_dsr7bt_2_sq.jpg
    ATH-DSR9BT (Left) and ATH-DSR7BT (Right)​
    Both models come support aptX, aptX HD and AAC at 24-bit/48kHz via Bluetooth and 24-bit/96kHz when connected to a digital device via a USB cable and listeners can expect around 15 hours of wireless playback before they'll need to make a trip to the plug. The ATH-DSR9BT is expected to run $549 USD while the ATH-DSR7BT will ask a more wallet-friendly $299 USD when they're available later this spring. We received the ATH-DSR9BT and ATH-DSR7BT at Head-Fi HQ not long ago and I have to say I think they'll make a strong first impression with Audio-Technica fans when they become available.
    For more details be sure to check out the official press release here.
  2. ProfFalkin
    This doesn't make any sense to me.   Digital direct to speaker?  Huh?   I tried googling it, and found their site, but not much there.   Anyone know how this is supposed to work?
  3. rkw
    Here is their presentation: http://www.trigence.com/digital-speaker-modules
    The technology has been available for a few years and Clarion has been selling a car audio system that uses it since 2015:

    It's an interesting technology but hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. It probably doesn't make as much of a difference as you might expect. 
  4. akg fanboy
    The msr7 really didn't lack clarity at all, so I hope the dsr9 has more to offer than just being a slightly modified but same driver headphone that costs almost twice as much. Interested in how the bluetooth iems will perform
  5. LajostheHun
    Yeah I've been waiting for the DSR9BT since my LG V20 does have APTX HD.
  6. Arzeboj
    No anniversary headphones? :frowning2:
  7. Feilong4
    The DRS9BT looks too a little too "blingy" to wear out and about. :frowning2: Glad its little brother is more conservative looking.
    Also, "We received the ATH-DSR7BT and ATH-DSR7BT at Head-Fi HQ...", you mean you received two of the same headphones? haha
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    Oops, good catch on my typo. Thanks!

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