Audio technica AD700x vs Sennheiser 598
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Dec 27, 2014
AD700x should be much more detailed than 598 ? This is true ?
Then the 700x is more unforgiving and fatiguing than 598 with MP3 or similar low bitrate format ( around 320kbs ) ?
The bass impact is lower in the 700x or similar ?
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I would say to check out the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X.
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I own the older ATH-AD700
and the Sennheiser HD558 (which uses the same 50-Ohm driver as the HD598).
But I was more inclined it use my ATH-A900X (closed version).
I guess I find the Audio Technica headphones very musical.
(the AD-700 lack bass and the HD558 are not very lively)
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320 mp3 is "low bitrate?"  I guess.  Maybe my ears are bad to worry much about forgiveness and fatigue on 320 mp3.

Yeah, 320 is not actually low bitrate. It isn't lossless, but my ears can't even tell between the formats sooo.

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