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Audio Technica AD700x, Modmic 4 and Mixamp setup

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Absolute Zero, Feb 18, 2018.
  1. Absolute Zero
    Hi guys, I hope I'm posting in the right section.

    I've recently purchased a pair of AT AD700x and an omnidirectional Modmic 4.0. By reading MadLustEnvy's headphones guide I learnt that this pair of headphones (as far as console gaming is concerned) perform better with a mixamp. Since the Astro Mixamp 2013 doesn't seem available anymore would the Astro Mixamp Pro TR work well with the AD700x?

    My setup would then be:

    - AD700x
    - Modmic 4.0
    - Astro Mixamp Pro TR

    Here is where I need your help: how can I connect all these things both to my PS3 and PS4? How does the setup work? From what I've read online it seems like I'd need a usb adapter to make the mic work on the PS3. Is that true? As for the PS4 instead, a Y adapter plugged directly into the controller would work.

    How would the setup work with a Mixamp? Should I connect the mic to the Mixamp? Sorry for the confusion but I need some guidance. I only know that the headphones will be connected to the Mixamp but how does the setup work and where does the mic go? Do I need any adapters?

    Thanks for your help, if I didn't make myself clear don't hesitate to ask me further questions!
  2. AxelCloris Administrator
    I used to have a PS3 and currently have a PS4. I don't use the Mixamp Pro TR, but I do still use a Mixamp 5.8. There's a USB connection that runs from my transmitter (Tx) unit and connects to my PS4 via USB. That allows me to use use a headphone and mic (BoomPro in my case) to the receiver (Rx) unit without any cables connecting to my controller. With a Pro Tr, a PS4 will see it as a USB headset. I can't say if it'll respond the same way with the PS3.

    For your headphones and mic, you'll want to use the dual 3.5 cable that comes in the box. One of the dual legs connects to the Modmic, the other to the headphones. The single end of the adapter will connect to your Mixamp.

  3. Absolute Zero
    Thanks for your reply. So basically it's all included in the Mixamp box, isn't it?

    Don't I need to buy any external adapters?
  4. AxelCloris Administrator
    As long as you get the Mixamp Pro Tr for the PS4, everything should be included in the box without any extra purchases necessary. I can't think of any external adapters you'll need off-hand. Again, I can't guarantee that it'll work the same with the PS3 because I haven't had one in ages, but the USB headset update for the PS4 fixed a lot of problems for Mixamp users. Right now I have a Mixamp connected to an electrostatic amp so I can play with an e-stat headphone, and I'm using a Blue Snowball for the mic input. USB headset for the audio, USB input for the mic, Mixamp audio mixing intact. Sony made it so much easier to use a Mixamp with their PS4 than it was in days past.
  5. Absolute Zero
    Got the MixAmp PRO TR. Tested it on my PS3 with Uncharted 3 at the moment. I have to say it doesn't sound as good as I expected when Dolby Digital is ON. The virtualization makes the game sound echoing and metallic. I've also tried custom eqs that I've found on the astro forums but it didn't improve much.

    The Mixamp sounds great with dolby digital OFF though but I think you lose the benefit of the surround system, don't you? I don't know whether the metallic sound depends on the game or if that's how the mixamp sounds with DD ON.
  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    Well damn, that stinks. I'd try to recreate it here, but we only have the Mixamp Tr for Xbox at the office. Also, we don't have an Xbox.

    Virtualization will usually add reverb/echos to the sound, but the metallic sound description makes me think something might be off. I've owned the original 2012 and 2013 Mixamps as well as the Mixamp 5.8, and I haven't personally experienced metallic sound. Could be something with the Tr in general, could be something with that particular unit, or could also be something else in the configuration. I'd recommend troubleshooting to see if you can find something that's not working, and if you can't it might be worth exchanging for a different Mixamp Tr to see if that's any different.
  7. rjjasick
    I've used a MixAmp Pro 2013 and moved to the TR version on my Xbox. I've heard some people complain about that tinny sound too. I've not had those results on my TR. Did you make sure to update the firmware and everything on the mixamp? If you've done that already, maybe try and return for another one.
  8. Absolute Zero
    Thank you guys for the reply. The firmware is updated and I'm using custom eq I found on the Astro forum. I'm not sure metallic is the proper word, but I'd definitely say that the sound feels echoing and distant. I don't think the unit is faulty cause I remember watching a YT video comparing the sound of the TR vs the older Mixamp and it sounds exactly the same. Here is the video.

    Mine sounds exactly the same on Uncharted 3
  9. GenEricOne
    I used to use a MixAmp Pro TR for headphone output (now just use it for ModMic) and also noticed the occasional 'metallic' sound. But it didn't sound as bad as what that video demonstrated (or I didn't notice).

    What I did notice was an extreme metallic sound when I would take one ear off to talk to someone. This makes me think it's an intrinsic element to the processing that the MixAmp adds and may not be something you can dial/tune out if you're sensitive to it.

    As for solutions, I don't really have one for PS4. On XB1 I use Atmos for Headphones (vastly superior VSS processing for me) and route it out of optical into my Mimby. I've downgraded to standard stereo on my PS4.

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