Audio Technica AD700 problems (sound only playing from right speaker)
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May 20, 2014
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May 20, 2014
So i hope i am putting this in the right section. Basically just trying to see if anyone has any ideas of what i can try do to solve my AD700 problems.
I have done a mic mod to the headphones but the problem started just before that.
I pulled the left earpad off to see what i would need to start pulling the headphones apart as i was planning a mic mod and a respray, put the earpad back on and for some strange reason there was no sound coming out of the left speaker (the main cable goes into the left speaker). So i took the pad off again, couldnt see anything unusual and put it back on again, both speakers where now working. I figured it was just a coincidence and didnt think any more of it.
Couple of days later i started the mod, pulled it all apart, unsoldered the speakers, did the mic mod which does not affect any of the existing wiring and put it all back together. Mic worked perfectly, sound worked perfectly, 10 minutes later left speaker sound stopped working. I have re soldered the wires in the left side twice now, the second time i made the effort of starting fresh and stripping back the wires so i had clean ends to deal with, soldered it all up, tested and it was perfect. Over the next 10 - 15 minutes of use the left side slowly got lower in volume compared to the right until there was no sound coming from it.
Left side - Main cable with red blue and white wires soldered to the speaker, also has a gold and red wire soldered to the speaker that runs across the to the right speaker. At this stage i have decided to get some new wire to replace the wire that runs from left to right as the original is really flimsy and thin.
Other than that i am a little stumped as to what is going on.
Just to add a little more info, i did some testing before this latest re solder and found that when you do the speaker test in windows it plays the left and right side sounds out of the right speaker, so it seems that L and R channels are both being played out of the R.
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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