Audio Technica A900 Replacement Ear Pad's
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Aug 1, 2015
Hi Everyone, as per posting guidelines i am asking for help with this issue in this forum section.
I recently re-found my old ATH-A900's and the ear pads they came with were all torn up. I reside in Australia and found prices of the replacement earpads to be ~$30-70+ depending on the store which seems excessive, especially considering they were flaky bad ones that audio technica seem to make. I have checked out ebay but the cheap replacement pads don't have the foam thing between the speakers and my ears its just a hollow circle ear pad.
I was wondering if i could get advice on what ear pads to get and where to get them from (considering im in Aus) not looking to spend crazy amounts of money and i am not that knowledgeable on this stuff.
I tried searching these forums and found quite a few posts similar to mine however most are dated years ago and many of the links have since expired furthermore i am unsure of what some of the models people refer to are and some of the terminology they use means.
So here is what i have learned so far from all the prior posts:
- don't use "velour" pads since it interferes with the bass or something
-W5000 pads fit (but they are like $99 bucks from this audiocubes place everyone on here seems to use and that is crazy expensive for me)
-ATH-A100ti fit - still $50 without shipping (usd i assume?)
-Same deal with these A1000 pads the ones i've found end up pretty expensive when shipped to aus - ~55 usd = ~75 aud
- A couple people have mentioned something about hifi man earpads but i was wondering which ones they are refering to - does that brand just use 1 set of earpads for everything or is there a model in particular i have to search for they seem like as decent a price i will find assuming i am looking at the correct ones.
So do any aussies know of any decent replacements i can find easily over here at a decent price? Thus far my search has been limited to amazon (us), ebay,  and it hasn't gone well. I am hoping someone will know which hifi man ones are the ones mentioned in a couple forum posts and that they are cheaper.  
Also will the A900X (newer model) ear pads fit the old A900? (  I would rather something more comfortable looking but at least these don't look like they will break away like the old ones (
Thanks for reading this and for any information you have to offer :)

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