Audio Technica A900 Cushions
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Jul 8, 2009
First id like to say these forums are great and the headphone guide was very helpful to make my decision on the A900s about 6 months ago i am very pleased with them.

But now im looking for some new cushions since these aren't that great and im would like something more a little more comfy.

Im not 100% on this but I believe i read somewhere that the beyerdynamic dt880 cushions fit my headphones and that they were very comfortable?

Any suggestions are appreciated,
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I owned an A500 and own a K271 (same size cushions). The A500s' cushions were a bit bigger than the K271.
If you mod them somehow to make them fit, then by all means do it!
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the cushions from a jvc harx700 fit. they are slightly thicker and denser, add some bass
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AudioTechnica "HP-A1000" is recommended.
It is compatible though "HP-A1000" is the one for AudioTechnica ATH-A1000.

This pad is a strong making of the synthetic leather.
The feeling of quality of the pad improves, too.
It corresponds to ATH-A500, A700A, and A900.

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