Audio Prism Ground Control RCA and Spade
For Sale
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Aug 12, 2010
It is very rare in this hobby to find a device that increases sound staging and organic musicality. Well that is just what this little Ground Controls by Audio Prism will do for your system.

I have 2 RCA's left which retail for 100.00 and I am selling them for 50.00 each.

The pair of spades retail for 150.00 and I am sell these for 75.00.  They are to be placed on the negative speaker terminal, and will increase the width of your sound stage while relaxing the sound. Theses are both sold. 

As for the reference version, I have tried them and they actually narrowed the sound stage in my system. They also were more analytical sounding.

Buy with confidence with my decades of 100% positive feedback on Audiogon user name: scottmac62

Here's what Reviewers and Users say about GC:

"So, there is my experience with these small strange items. When they click with the equipment you will think you have upgraded to an ultra $$$ System. The Music becomes lively, toe tapping and makes Music sound as real as I have ever heard on any system." Audiogon

"By simply installing one Ground Control on the neutral (black) terminal of my loudspeakers, the results in my system were immediately apparent. The big easy sound that horns are known for suddenly became that much more relaxed." Stereo Times

"When I inserted the GC, the entire frequency range became noticeably richer and more vivid." 6Moons

"I thought the holographic imaging of the Unifield 3 could not be improved upon but with the GC, the imaging, bloom and focus increased considerably. I haven't tried any single tweak that has had this type impact on my system. I think the GC will one of the best new tweaks for 2010." Audio Circle

Price includes shipping and paypal to conus at my asking price.



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