Audio Magic Illusion Liquid Air 1.5M Power Cable

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  1. boozcool
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    I'm downsizing my cable collection and selling the Illusion Liquid Air power cable by Audio Magic

    This cable can found for sale at the Cable Company:

    Features include:

    - Large ultra-pure silver ribbon conductors
    - Wattgate plugs
    - Triple-shielded with internal passive noise reduction

    Functionally, the condition is Perfect

    Physically, the condition is Very Good, conservatively 8.5 or 9 out of 10 (See Photos)


    Original MSRP was $1,400

    Current price for 1.5M length is $1,000

    Asking $330 shipped CONUS + Paypal (or Gift)

    Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions
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  2. boozcool
  3. skootb
    I thought the liquid air cables used liquid polymers and NOT silver?
  4. boozcool
    The link to the retail shop is posted above. I doubt they are mistaken, but anything's possible

    Where did you hear the Illusion Liquid Air power cable uses liquid polymers?
  5. skootb
    The Illusion used to be a silver cable. Then the "Liquid Air" line came out, which used liquid polymers. The older silver Illusion cables were not called "Liquid Air"

    the audio magic site seems to have disappeared, but this is a recent version

    Interconnects & Digital:
    -- Large conductive liquid polymer center conductor
    -- Copper litz ground
    -- Passive shielding
    -- Eichman bullet plugs
    -- Cryo treated
    -- MST treated

    Speaker Cable:
    -- Large conductive liquid polymer conductors
    -- Gold banana and spade lugs
    -- Cryo treated
    -- MST treated
  6. boozcool
    I see the interconnects, digital, and speaker cables listed
    Perhaps the power cables are different
    Either way, it's an awesome power cable :)
  7. boozcool
  8. boozcool

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