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Audio-GD usb-32 upgrade kit - howto

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by zhuge, Oct 10, 2013.
  1. zhuge
    I have since 2011 an Audio-gd NFB-8. It sounds great in my own HiFi environment, but has a limit in USB connection and I wanted to upgrade to USB-32 solution based on VIA chipset.
    I ordered and received the kit but without instructions on how to mount it.
    The only instructions Kingwa sent me by mail before I ordered the kit were:
    1, disconnect the original USB output signal and power supply.
    2, install the USB32 on the chassis, one or two holes want you drill.
    3, Addition two resistors on the power supply PSU.
    4, all working don't want take off the board, just doing on top side.
    It seemed easy [​IMG] but it isn't, even because I'm not so skilled.
    In particular I don't know:
    A) where and how add the two resistors
    B) The flexcable in the kit is a 7 pins one and no connection on the board is 7 pins. Where have I to connect the flex cable on the main board?
    Anyone did this upgrade and can help me?

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