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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. Imaya
    Constant headaches with USB since day 1. I ended up going with Optical, which works flawlessly, but is not the high rate I signed up for by getting an NFB-11.

    Between the blue screens from the VIA drivers and USB audio just plain NOT working, I have regretted this DAC choice since I got it. I wish I had the positive audio experience that others have had, but the drivers are unstable and a mess. I just got some Sennheiser HD 650 for xmas I would love to try, but alas, still cannot get this DAC working right. Tried to install the drivers again, manually. They install. Show as installed. Multiple reboots swapping between the Audio GD and the generic, and still nothing. Sometimes I get a tiny bit of the windows startup sound, then nada. Been searching through Head-Fi, making sure everything is right. It is. Windows 10 64 bit. Anniversary update is installed and likely a part of the issue. USB 2 port. Tried swapping USB cords. Foobar and regular sound are not working. Tried DS and WASPI. ASIO has always caused problems, so I didn't bother. I think those might have bluescreened too, but I don't recall.

    Another oddity is that even with the correct Audio GD drivers installed, I cannot select higher than 24 bit rate in Windows. Shouldn't this go to 32? Or only with ASIO drivers?

    When drivers are installed, I end up with two output devices; Speakers and a digital out. Neither work. I also end up with numerous entries in the input devices. Tried disabling these, did nothing.

    Someone mentioned a firmware update helped. I am up for anything at this point. I have the NFB-11 (2014) with the TXCO.

    Trying a full uninstall I guess... let's see...
  2. Imaya
    *Deep breath*

    Googled my brains out, came up with two things;

    No, they do not work with my NFB-11. Get a stop code. Windows only wants to load the regular USB 1 drivers, which of course is wrong and doesn't work.

    Swapped cables in circles too, I have 5 of them. None worked. When I used Audio GD drivers, constantly disconnected and reconnected the device. Swapped ports, nope.

    Also tried from a previous post in this thread:

    Website has moved. I got the drivers from:

    Did NOT do a firmware update. Had to remove Audio GD drivers and manually add this driver. Windows took it. Same issues as before, didn't even see high bit rate.

    Just for giggles, I did what everyone said NOT to do-- plugged into USB 3.0 port.

    IT WORKED. Windows recognized it as Audio GD even without the drivers installed (it showed as just a USB Audio Device before), which means it read the device info correctly for the first time. Even lets me set it to 32 bit. YES.


    So, ya, try USB 3 ports. Make sure you have the latest chipset for your motherboard too. Apparently, sometimes, there are exceptions to the rule to not use USB 3.

    Of course, I have the same relay problem as all others of NFB-11; that click that cuts off the first second or so of audio when coming from silence. Need to go back to the original NFB-11 impression thread to find the post about how to cut the wires and take care of that:

    I will report back regarding stability of this driver, since the ones provided by Audio GD are so unstable. I have my fingers crossed on this one... There is even a "BSOD fix" driver for the AudioTrak, which I hope was rolled into this version.
  3. blackcatSVK
    Kingwa please, do you have solution :frowning2:.
    Anyone still has the firmware tools? I would try to update FW and let see what happens, the link on AudioGD website was invalid.
  4. Imaya
    Responding back to let those with the Blue Screen issues with Audio GD Via 32 bit drivers know the results of the AudioTrak drivers.

    Work great! No blue screens. Does occasionally disconnect and reconnect, though that might be something else and is so brief it hasn't been a concern yet. I will troubleshoot it more later. Much preferred over a blue screen, however. My PC did lock up the other day while it slept, so there is something odd in them. But, once again, same functionality and no blue screens is an improvement so far.
  5. HoJ76
    Hello, I have a Audio-gd 2.32.
    Can I use this on from pc to dac with usb cable to listen on Tidal or Spotify?
  6. JimJames
    Yesterday I received my r2r11 and I've been having this issue in which a sort of popping (like the cracks you hear on many vinyl records but more annoying) occurs all throughout any song I play, be it VLC, Foobar or youtube. Happens in both low and high gain. After installing the Amanero driver from this webpage: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/Amanero/AmaneroEN.htm it occurs with less frequency but still it's too damn frequent. Between today and tomorrow I'll go and buy a new USB cable (a cheap one anyway) and see if that's the problem. Anybody had the same issue? Can I get some help please?
  7. guilders0
    can one of you remind me of the link to download firmwares?

    I have the r2r7he and am interested into trying the new v3 firmware, even though I do not know what benefit it brings, if someone has any kind of information, would be welcome :)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  8. conquerator2
    Email Audio-gd directly. They'll provide the firmware directly and answer any questions :]
  9. guilders0
    I did, but I found once the link somewhere on the forum.
    If I don't like it or need to downgrade, I like to have the link with all versions :)
  10. Athi
    Had the same problems with my Audio-gd Compass 2 (ES9018) with VIA32 on Windows 10.
    Replaced the board on Amanero Combo384 and works 1 year already perfectly, no problems with work and drivers! In addition, the sound is noticeably improved! Replacement took about 10 minutes, the soldering iron to solder the wires I observe the same marking as that of the native board. Board is worth $29 on aliexpress.

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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