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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. norrest
    I try to test - yes! DSD work! 
    But nevermind - click`s pops still have ( 
  2. Suopermanni
    Has anyone got this error message before?
  3. Botudi

    ​just manually install the driver (through device manager - update driver) directing the installation to the vista64 folder which is located in the folder containing the installation kit for the usb32 driver supplied by audio GD. You should find it in the: viaudusb ------ driver folder alongside vista, winxp and winxp64 folders.
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  4. Suopermanni

    Thanks, got it working!
  5. Ultrahero
    I manually installed the driver through device manager and it worked.  Playback devices shows SPDIF Interface when i Power on my Audio-GD Compass 2.  I put it as Default Device.  When I play a youtube video, you can see the volume bar go up and down in SPDIF Interface and in volume mixer.  I tested with Opera, Chromeand with VLC Player.  But my computer doesn't seem to recognize my speakers and headphones, so I don't hear any sounds.  I didn't do any firmware updates.  I use the lowest version drivers.  Previous owner said he used it on his computer for 2 years using windows 7 and he didn't firmware update.  I have windows 10.
    Anyone know how I could get windows to recognize the speakers and headphones that are plugged into it.  Thanks.
  6. i019791
    With the Compass 2 as audio device, your headphones & speakers should work when you make the proper selections on the Compass, e.g usb input, H for headphones etc. Of course you must plug your headphones on the Compass.
    If you want to use your computer's audio devices (e.g use your computer's headphone out), just select them instead of Compass 2.
  7. Ultrahero
    Thanks for the reply but I only see SPDIF Interface and no speakers or headphones.  I must be doing something wrong or forgot to do something.
  8. i019791
    So when the Compass is not plugged to your PC you see no audio device at all ?
    If yes, you have perhaps disabled the sound card of your PC and you could : plug the Compass, right click on SPDIF Interface, click Show Disabled Devices, Speakers/HP will appear marked disabled, select it, right click, select Enable, then press the Set Default button.
  9. Ultrahero
    That's the problem.  When i click show disabled device, speakers and headphones don't appear even though they're both plugged into the Compass 2.  So the Compass 2 spdif is plugged into usb port and the power cable is plugged into the wall.  Headphones are plugged into the Compass 2.  I installed the drivers.  Previous owner said it worked for him in windows 7 for 2 years.  I must be forgetting something.  I tried all the different drivers and it didn't work.  Anyone had that same problem?
  10. Mahdi8
    That's a completely wrong assumption your computer will only show the Compass not the devices attached to the compass. compass to headphone and speaker (as preamp I assume) are analog connection a computer has no access to it
  11. Ultrahero
    Ah okay, I understand.  So I'm still not getting sound on my computer with the Audio-GD Compass 2 or Compass 384.  Was wondering what steps you guys did to get yours to work.  Did you simply plug the USB to your computer and installed the right drivers and it worked?  Was wondering why it's not working for me.  If anyone had any ideas.  Thanks.
  12. Suopermanni
    Post up a picture of the front and back panel of the unit? If you installed the drivers properly as you said, you should get sound out. The only issue I can see here is that you may have selected the wrong output on the Compass and not on the computer.
  13. TopmanChief
    Hoping someone can help me. I have an Audio-gd 11.32 which I believe was manufactured April 2013 (first 4 digits on the sticker read 1304, plus I bought if from A2A here in Australia in August 2013). I was using it at work (previous laptop), but have had it at home for over a year. Firmware never updated, would rather not attempt it.
    I'd like to use it at work again, but I'm having trouble getting the drivers to work and our laptops are pretty heavily locked down these days. The IT guys are helpful, but starting to get reluctant after my initial attempts failed to make it work. 
    Laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T450 running Windows 7. 99% of the time I stream Tidal in high quality, rest of the music is CD rips, so don't need to support anything above 16/44.1.
    I think there are two options:
    1. Get the Audio-gd drivers working
    So far I've tried the usb32v1.22 and usb32v2.0 versions. Even if the driver install appeared to work, I couldn't figure out how to get the ASIO stuff set up (all instructions refer to Foobar, which I'd rather avoid). Plus, when it did happen to appear to install correclty, upon re-boot the driver kept failing. 
    I'm sure there used to be a video on the Audio-gd website, with the voiceover in english (Kingwa I believe) and the software/wizards in chinese. This is what I followed last time (when I had admin rights, also on a Win7 PC), but I can no longer find it. 
    If anyone can point me to a simple set of instructions, including which driver to load and what to load to make the ASIO portion work, it would be highly appreciated.
    2. Generic, non-Audio-gd drivers.
    I don't think this is a real thing, or at least I haven't been able to find any, but I don't need to play files above 16/44.1. Given that Macs don't need any drivers and my 11.32 is plug and play on a Mac, is there any way to mimic this capability on a PC? 
    Any help would be great. If I can't get it working, I might have to sell it and buy something else - which seems quite ridiculous. 
  14. riffer

    Somewhere buried in this thread or one of the other Audio-gd threads is a link to the Audiotrak drivers/firmware.  I could never get the Audio-gd drivers to work with my new motherboard, but these worked fine.  You will lose some resolution though.
  15. Greggo
    Wow! I wish I would have seen this thread before I bought a used NFB-1.... it does not even work on my MacBook, the first DAC of many other brands/models over the years that have always just fired up and worked in the past. I thought USB stopped being complicated and unreliable about 6 years ago but I guess I was wrong. Very disappointed...
    ...UPDATE: Well, after more fiddling around it turns out a short USB cable did the trick!  Still, very gun shy now about any DAC and getting USB to work well, sometimes this hobby feels like continuous troubleshooting more than audio and music :)
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