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Audio-gd USB-32 Firmware, Drivers, and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by petercraig, Nov 26, 2012.
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  1. conquerator2
    Well, people have had issues with the VIA VT1731 regardless of hardware so... :D
  2. Anda
    I know... Can you tell me if SVB202D is the name of the firmware or the hardware? I was wondering if a new firmware would help?
  3. undersys
    Don't quote me.. I am still looking for the ALSA mailing list thread.
    However I vaguely recall that some VIA chip-sets had a lot of issues with arm on Linux.
    Issue was around sample rates too, some C-MEDIA chip-sets suffered as well.
    This also may of been resolved in 3.10+ kernels.
  4. conquerator2

    I think that is the hardware name. The ASIO of my U12 shows the same or similar one.
  5. lucianpescaru
    I have the NFB 15 with s/n N-1514082076T, Windows 8.1, latest drivers (Audio-gdUSB32driverversion2) installed and I can select only 24bit 48khz as max sampling frequency. Sounds great though :)
    Also ASIO works at this freq but fails on any freqs higher than 48khz.
    I thought this thing was supposed to to do 384khz and I'm stuck with 48khz. Can anyone help?
    Mine is second hand and I bought without the original USB cable... I uese a cheap cable (1.5m) I had around. Can a new quality cable fix these issues?
  6. conquerator2
    Cable is unlikely to solve it but you can try.
  7. lucianpescaru
    Changed the USB cable and it works now... happy customer :)
  8. luiztfc
    Jesus, I'm losing my mind! I already tried to install this driver several times and all I got is a ******* SPDIF interface, even though I'm using USB! Anyone had this problem?
  9. mowglycdb
    That's the name of the device, doesn't matter  = it's alright.
    luiztfc likes this.
  10. luiztfc
    Thanks, man! I was getting crazy!
  11. lucianpescaru
    NFB 15.32 and Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm, Windows 8.1 x64 - Audio-gdUSB32driverversion2 and firmware from late 2014-2015 on USB 32bit 192khz sounds best (wider soundstage than say 24/192) to me. This is using ASIO and 24/96 original files.
  12. Miracle1980
    Hi guys, is there any limitations to use Audio-gd dac (in my case NFB-7 now) with Linux compared to Windows? At the moment i'm using Daphile (Linux distro) and it's working perfectly (dac recognized) but i want to make sure that it's working with full capabilities (asynchronous mode, etc..)
  13. XVampireX
    Does anyone know how to work with DSD128 on Audio-gd devices?
    seems like Dealer is having problem with playing back DSD128 - though DSD64 does work just fine.
    Says that when he starts playing DSD128 files you hear relay click sounds, just sometimes you hear some music sounds going through. If he does downsampling to DSD64 or to PCM sound will work again.
    Tried different USB cables, tried different computers, tried different operating systems (OSX/Windows), tried different applications, tried different devices, it just won't work...
    Did anyone encounter these problems? If so, is there a solution?
  14. Miracle1980

    I was too fast. Basically everything was working perfectly with the NFB-28 under Linux. The worst surprise is that with my new NFB-7 it's not possible to use Linux. The os (i tried two different distributions) get freeze and the dac it's never recognised.

    Is there somebody using the NFB-7 with Linux that can share his feedback?
  15. Miracle1980
    I had my issue with Linux fixed flashing an old firmware (version: 9-3). Now i can use Daphile under Linux with no issues.
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