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Audio-GD Reference 7 USB - priced to move

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  1. he46570
    For Sale
    For sale: one Audio-GD Reference 7 USB. I think this needs no introduction for Head-Fiers. This is the USB version, so it supports up to 24/96 on USB, alongside inputs RCA, coax, balanced and Toslink. 
    This unit has given me zero problems, and you can see the condition is pristine. There are some VERY light marks on the top side of the chassis, although you have to strain to see them. Photos are of the actual unit for sale.
    I can ship this at the buyer's cost with the original double-boxes. I'm pricing this to move quickly, so please be reasonable. Item is located in San Diego for those who want local pickup.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. leongiu
    Only 120V.
    No. 220?
  3. he46570
    Sorry, this is wired for 120. I don't know how difficult it would be to change since I've never opened the device. You could ask Audio-GD about the conversion process if you're interested.
  4. he46570
  5. he46570
  6. he46570
    Bump with price drop to $1220!
  7. he46570
    Sold. Thanks for looking.
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