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Audio-GD Reference 7 DAC w/ v5 DSP & OCC Wire Upgrade

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  1. SilverCans
    For Sale
    For sale is my Audio-GD Reference 7 DAC has the latest v5 DSP and OCC wire upgrade. Inputs include AES/BNC/RCA/Optical. I paid some major bills this year and so I have to part with the Ref7. Bought it in early December and it's in mint condition. I had Audio-GD install the OCC copper cable upgrade when I ordered it, but am not adding that to the price. Asking $1450 plus shipping (which is far, far, less then I paid after wire upgrade, paypal fees, shipping: paid nearly $2k). Ships in original box that it came in.  
    My feedback: click here
  2. SilverCans
  3. Misora
    Very fast transaction and absolutely no problems. Thank you.
Thread Status:
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