Audio GD Reference 10.32 Balanced PCM1704UK DAC/ AMP
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May 23, 2010
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Hi folks! Since I really NEVER get to use any of my stereo stuff, and I need more capital for my business, I have decided to sell it all (which of course means I'll buy it all again someday). Up for sale is a perfect condition Audio GD Reference 10.32 Balanced DAC/ AMP based on the PCM1704UK. Yes, it sounds awesome, and yes it's worth EVERY penny even when new. I have NEVER heard anything this good, and I have heard A LOT of stuff; there's just simply NOTHING like the sound of multibit, and quite frankly, after hearing it, you can never go back. EVER. It has every connection known to man to boot, AND it can power ANY headphone!! I bought it new in March of 2014. It has the upgraded TCXO, and the AES connector was replaced with a 2nd Toslink input by AGD. The DAC inputs are: 1 USB, 2 Toslink, 2 Coax. Includes the unit in perfect condition, remote, power and USB cables, extra remote (internals only), jumpers, and some other little chip thing that may be used someday. Sorry, no trades of any kind. It has been used less than 75 hours.
Cost new is: $1850+$113 shipping+$59 PayPal = $2,022. I intend to buy this again at a later date; its THAT good. I am selling it for over 25% off; $1500, and I'll eat Paypal, you just pay shipping.
Terms: I don't have much feedback here, but my eBay username is: mp360cs, score is 950+, 100% positive over 15 years! I will ONLY take Paypal, ONLY verified, I'll pay Paypal, you pay shipping from NJ (07747). Shipping will be expensive, because this unit is VERY heavy! I do have the original box.
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