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Audio-GD R-28 R2R DAC and Headphone amp - 3 weeks old - EU warranty - Mint

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  1. cbf123
    For Sale
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    • Europe
    Hi guys,

    So I sort of shot myself in the foot, made some purchases I shouldn't have and need to sell some bits to make some money back.

    First up is this Audio-GD R-28 R2R dac and headphone amp. It's new out and the thread for it is here:


    I bought it from Magna HiFi on the 20th of July (three weeks ago!), it is in MINT condition and has the rest of its warranty left with Magna in the EU. I paid £1100 with delivery.

    Not looking for any low-ball offers on this, it's in superb condition and basically new. Just my stupid luck that I haven't thought things through this time!!

    Looking to get £850 delivered in the EU, plus any fees for PayPal (bank transfer is fine). PayPal shipping is only to the registered address.

    IMG_0893.jpg IMG_0892.jpg IMG_0894.jpg
  2. cbf123
    Saturday bump!

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