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Audio-GD NFB1AMP vs HeadAmp Gilmore Lite MK2

  1. Focux
    both are literally the same price including shipping

    will be using HD650 and LCD X with them

    currently using Mojo as DAC but will also be upgraded (feel free to recommend)

    which amp would be a better purchase?

    understand the NFB is balanced so i tot it's a good option since i can always get balanced cables in future
  2. tomb
    This is just a purely personal opinion, of course, but I have been constantly impressed at the quality of construction with Justin's stuff (HeadAmp). You will be hard-pressed to find better quality.

    I was able to borrow an Audio-GD device once, think it was the NFB 11.something. The Audio-GD quality may be just as good when it comes to solder joints, etc., but my gosh - they really pack those things tight. Working on them must be a real headache.

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