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Audio-gd NFB-8 async USB DAC

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  1. JulienM
    For Sale
    Now on eBay:

    In very good condition. Bought directly from Audio-GD in January 2011. This is the 110-120V AC version.

    Fully balanced async USB (drivers for PC and MAC available rom Audio-gd) dual mono DAC with ACSS. Clocks have been upgraded to TCXO by Audio-gd. Neutral and detailed sound.

    The chassis is massive, all aluminum, very well built.

    Also, check out the Audio-gd C-3(FV) pre-amp and C-10SE amp I'm selling for a full balanced ACSS system.

    Specs from Audio-gd:

    RCA Output
    S/N Ratio:>119db
    Output Level:2.56V
    Frequency Breadth:20-20KHz

    XLR Output
    S/N Ratio:>122db
    Output Level:5.12V
    Frequency Breadth:20-20KHz

    ACSS Output
    S/N Ratio:>127db
    Frequency Breadth:20-20KHz

    Inside photos from Audio-GD
  2. JulienM
  3. JulienM
  4. gakaudio
    Hi JulienM, I assume that your dac has been sold but wanted to inquire nonetheless, is it still available? If so, I am interested.
    Thanks, Garth
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