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Audio-GD NFB 5 DAC/AMP combo unit [Price Reduced]

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  1. hiyu64
    For Sale
    I'm selling an Audio-GD NFB 5 DAC/AMP combo as I need to recover funds for an end game DAC purchase.  You can use this as a stand alone DAC, or as a one box DAC/AMP solution.  I originally purchased this from Mad Lust Envy last September.  The NFB 5 is a solid entry level DAC/AMP.  It is built like a tank.  The amp is in great condition with a few minor scratches that you can see from the photos.  There is also a screw missing in the back, but does not affect the function of the amp.  The screw was stripped by the original owner.   

    Here is the original AD.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/629691/f-s-audio-gd-nfb-5-sold
    And Audio GD's website: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB5/NFB5EN.htm
    This listing includes everything from the original listing.
    which is:
    DIR9001 SPDIF chip preinstalled, for a neutral optical/digital coax connection.
    MOON op-amp installed, warmer sound using the op-amp or you can by pass the op-amp for more neutral sound. 
    Stock op-amp is included as well.
    1 power cord
    1 usb cable
    1 optical cable

    Has lots of power single ended.

    3500mW/25 ohm
    1800mW/50 ohm
    900mW/100 ohm
    300mW/300 ohm
    150mW/600 ohm
    Enough to power the HD800 that I have now and LCD2.2, PS500, PS325i, which I've had in the past.
    The Audeze LCD2.2 manual states that it needs at least 1W into 60 Ohms.  As you can see, the NFB 5 provides 1.8W into 50 Ohms thus a little less into 60 Ohms, but still more than the recommended.
    Buying all this off A-GD now would cost over $450 (shipping costs is a killer), with the long wait. Get it quickly!
    Currently looking to sell within the U.S.
    I am willing to split Paypal fees/shipping
    or you can choose pp gift and we can split the shipping. 
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