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Audio-GD NFB 5.2 DAC/AMP

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  1. mrAdrian
    For Sale
    My trustworthy DAC/AMP for sale because I have finally upgraded to its bigger brother, the NFB10. It was a guilty purchase because I don't have any headphones balanced yet but, well, I'm sure we all know that feeling.
    Therefore, my NFB 5.2 has to go, hopefully to a new owner who would appreciate it as much as I did.
    DAC wise it is very very nice. Neutral is how I would describe it, but it is not the treble-must-be-there neutral, just pleasingly neutral. Describing this DAC would be like describing the wolfson dac chip sound vs a sabre dac. Nevertheless, it is detailed enough and is not sibilant. Involving mids, accurate bass that is obviously not bloated don't worry.
    AMP wise it is also very capable. Technically designed to be the 'correct' solid state amp, measures good, what more can you ask? Powerful enough for anything but the most difficult headphones e.g. the HE6; low output impedance, does not add or subtract anything from the music itself. The NFB 5.2 is a solid performer in my opinion.
    Yet to mention how like all Audio-GD DACs it has all 3 digital inputs, so you can connect your PC and your CD player to it like how I do. Variable/fixed line out. Full discrete or you can choose to run it off OPamps but I haven't tried changing anything that's in there.
    Enjoy the pics!
  2. djevoultion
    I'm surprised you havn't sold this yet mrAdrian. Fantastic DAC/Amp with plenty of power. I would of grabbed it If I didn't already own one!. Good Luck on the sale mate 
  3. mrAdrian
    Maybe it is the Head-Fi god's will to have me build him the almighty yet another system, together with the Darkvoice 336... [​IMG]
  4. iamnoone
    Hello mrAdrian,
    I have a question about your Darkvoice 336.  I'm curious about the unit working as a Pre Amp.  Can you tell me if the RCA outputs are fixed or variable?  Also, when headphones are plugged in, does that cut the signal to the RCA outputs?
    Thanks for your time and good luck selling your gear.  :)
  5. mrAdrian
    It is a variable output :)
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