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  1. PinkyPowers
    My preference has always been for warmer, fuller sounding headphones, like the HD6XX and LCD-2. But I felt I should get something different to compliment those. Turns out, the HD800 is not as different as I imagined. I had always read how bright the treble is, but I find the presentation on the warm side, and the treble much smoother than I ever imagined, based on the reviews. In fact, the LCD-2.2Fazor has more treble sparkle. But it is over-all warmer than the HD800, and certainly has more bass. Again, though, the HD800 is not as bass-shy as I feared, either. It's wonderfully balanced.

    The HD800 does not fit my "perfect" signature, but it's very enjoyable, especially with acoustic music. And I LOVE the soundstage!
  2. bloodshot
    Thanks for the input! How are you liking the NFB 28.38 w/ HD800 compared to other DAC/AMP setups?
  3. PinkyPowers
    I'm using the the standard NFB-28 from 2016. And I just received these headphones today. I have no experience with them on other gear.
  4. bloodshot
    Ah ok... Well welcome aboard =) I chose the HD800 mainly for the soundstage and I'm loving it.
  5. xenithon
    Has anyone yet done a comparison (listening, not specs) of the 28 vs 38 chip?

    Also, has anyone perhaps managed to compare the NFB28 with the similarly priced Gustard A20H, which has very similar features but with slightly lower power output and using dual AK4497EQ chips?
  6. svfoo123
    I have a NFB 28 and windows will not install the driver. I have tried manually installing it and it does not work. When I try to update the firmware the NFB does not show up to update. Has anyone else has similar issues? I have contacted KINGWA about sending the unit back to China.
  7. naif1985
    I have an hd700 driven by modi 2 and lyr2. I was considering upgrading the DAC but gust couldn't decide witch one of audio-gd DAC's to choose.

    After a lot of searching I choose the singularity 19 and emailed magna hifi to order it and this's what they reply:

    (Thank you for your interest in the Singularity 19.

    I want to inform you about a new product from Audio-GD which will replace the Singularity 19. In fact the R2R boards will be replaced for DA8 boards, like in the R2R 7 (only single ended) The new model will be R2R-2.

    This model will support DSD too
    It will cost 50 euro more (including VAT)

    Of course you can also buy this model, no problem at all but I just want to avoid disappointment later on. The new model will be available in less than 2 weeks.)

    Do you guys think that he means an R2R version of NFB-28 ?

    If it is then it will definitely replace my schiit DAC and amp .

    Than again will it outperform the NFB28.38 like the R2R-11 did NFB-11.28 ?
  8. JaMo
    No, it is not a balanced dac/amp. It is called R2R-2. Check it out:

    About NFB28-sized, balanced Kingwa sais: "-Some customers ask when will we release the all in one unit with discrete ladder R-2R like the NFB28,NFB29 and Master 11?
    Because the R2R design will had large size of the boards which is can't fit in the chassis so we had not plan and idea to build the all in one unit except R2R 11."

  9. naif1985
    Hey guys do you think it's better to upgrade the DAC or get a balance DAC amp like the NFB-28.38 .

    I gust want the best sound I can from my headphones and I always thought that Sabre DAC 's was bright and NFB combos are. But here I read some people like it with the hd800 so would it also be good for hd700 if that said will I be better off upgrading the DAC only ore buying NFB-28.38 . Since I have a lyr2 right now?
  10. phthora
    The NFB-1.38 is $750 and the NFB-28 is $880 (you know, plus shipping, taxes, and PayPal fees). Comparing specs and the "summarize" section, the DACs look identical. Even if you don't really need it, it's a much better value to get the amp section with the 28.38 for just $130 more. It will do everything that 1.38 does, but also offer more versatility, greater resale value, and an extra amp to play around with.
  11. naif1985
    I was thinking about getting one of the R2R models thinking that thy will be warmer especially that I have a bright headphones. I like my headphones with my current setup thy are way better than O2/ODAC Combo I previously owned.

    I'm starting to think about selling my headphones and getting hd650 or 6xx though I like hd700 but it's amp picky and that's annoying.
  12. phthora
    The HD650 is also amp picky. But, both the HD 650 and HD 700 would be driven fully and easily by the 1.38 or 28.38. Those amps would have no problem with higher impedance cans like that. The R2R 11 is less clear, unfortunately. That one has 1/4 the power with higher impedance loads. Probably enough just going by the numbers, but the 650 is notorious for being "veiled" without adequate power.
  13. naif1985
    I'm not worry about power I know it have enough to drive the most power hungry headphones. The thing I worry about is compatibility sabre DAC's are famous of being bright and HD700 is also bright though kingwa said it is implemented as neutral I wanted to be 100% shore before polling the trigger. Seeing people like it with HD800 is reassuring. I know it will do amazing things with my HE400 but the one that worries me is the HD700.
  14. stevedepp
    Thanks for help.

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  15. peter123
    Did anyone have a chance to compare the NFB-28 2015 with the Burson Conductor V2+, differences/similarities?

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