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Audio-gd NFB-28

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by sayh, Aug 14, 2013.
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  1. bloodshot
    I received my NFB 28.38 today and had absolutely no issues with the file you linked via USB/Optical. How are you connecting the NFB to your PC? Is it the Amanero? are you running Windows 10?

    What's there to update when the product works as intended? Kingwa has already stated the units have gone through extensive hours of testing before being shipped. If you really plan on upgrading in the near future then it might make more sense to go for the separate NFB1 AMP/DAC instead of the AIO.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  2. cheungtsw
    Win & Mac dont get updated over time?

    And we dont all know about China QC??
  3. bloodshot
    You do not need drivers for Mac 10.6+ as stated on their website.

    "NO Drivers needed for Mac OSX 10.6+ and Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel."

    Windows drivers linked on website support up to W10 64bit.

    As far as QC, my NFB 28.38 arrived yesterday and it was literally flawless. If you receive a product that has an issue, all audio-gd products include a 10 year warranty which covers it for any repairs free of charge so you would simply ship it back.


    So I'm really not sure what you are trying to complain about when the support is clearly there.
  4. butch111
    I had some time ago a Jotunheim for my 800s. Hoped to spare som money - but its exactly the kind of digital sound i hate.
    Loud but very harsh. Not easy for me to explain in english.
    Now ich have the 28.38 - this is fine - also better than my Oppo HA1.

    I had red this about the Jot before i ve bought it - but as so often - my hope was stronger than my brain.
  5. bloodshot
    Glad you like it. I heard the same issues about the Jot which is why I went with the NFB 28.38 instead and I have no regrets. Worth every penny =)
  6. cheungtsw
    It is your money, I dont really care.

    I am not going to buy anything from this company.

    ps. You sure it will still work after the MS Sept upgrade 8))
  7. bloodshot
    Of course it will work, the update in september is still Windows 10. Also, audio-gd has never maintained the USB driver. They host the exact same driver as posted on the official Amanero website.


    Both links are identical drivers.
  8. john57
    Thanks for let me know that there is a win10 1062 version driver. My NFB-29H no longer hangs when I rebooted the PC with power on. I am still using Audio GD Reference 5 DAC with the ROC amp. Still in good working condition and runs on the latest Win10 version.
  9. bloodshot
    No problem :) Just keep watch on the Amanero website directly in future for drivers as audio-gd just repacks it.
  10. TPSRA
    How much improvement do you get from NFB-28.38 compare to its 9028 sibling?

    I wonder why does the 9038 in NFB-28.38 doesn't need a heat sink like the ones in NFB-7.77
  11. GodsInHisHeaven
    I really love the NFB 28 (I got the latest one) and use it to drive my heavily modded HD 650, HE 560 and Edition X V2.
    Is there a decent upgrade path to the NFB 28?
  12. JaMo
    Hi GodsInHeaven,

    I agree with You about the NFB-28. A significant lift of it's performance was done late 2015. It was still with the ES9018-chip. Sounds fantastic for its price. The NFB-28.38 uses the ES9038Pro chip and it pushes the boundaries a bit more towards the higher segments.

    Your question isn't that easy to answer because of the NFB-28.38 very high standards. Yes, of course there are superior gears out there but You have to higher the dollars a number of times to top it. If You chose to stay with Audio-gd I suggest You to go for the Master 9 (Pre- and HP-amp) and a dedicated dac. NFB.7.XX or the new flagship R2R-7. If You only use the preamp-part there is the Master-1. As You can see on Audio-gd's website, these gears are more dollars.... But this is the fact when climbing higher up this path. I still think the money is well spent if You have them and have
    a true dedication to the musiclistening. If You want to go with a lower limit, go for the new NFB-28.38 with TCXO-upgrade. You will not be disappointed either way.

    Good luck! /Jan
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
  13. PinkyPowers
    I have a used Sennheiser HD800 on its way to me. How does our beloved NFB-28 handle that notoriously picky headphone?
  14. PinkyPowers
    Turns out this setup is beautiful. :D

    HD800 01.jpg
  15. bloodshot
    I'm currently using the NFB 28.38 with HD800 and love it =) I'm no audiophile expert but it was a drastic difference from what I was using. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you are able to compare the setup against others.
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