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Audio-gd NFB-16 portable, class A DAC/ Amp (original version)

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  1. tim3320070
    For Sale
    This is the original version that came out- it has a loose 1/8" jack which can be fixed without much effort. The 1/4" jack is fine and of better quality anyway. This is the non-battery version they first came out with but a battery can be added either internally or externally (or just USB power). It has the TE8022 USB for 24/192 playback. I have my new version so this is just sitting on a shelf. I will also include a wall charger for when you have a plug-in available (makes background quieter and amp more powerful- but USB is plenty for most headphones including my DT770/600).
    This can also be used as a USB- coax converter and an amp only.
    US sale only please. Shipping is FREE in CONUS. Paypal only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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