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Audio-gd NFB-15 version 2014 with TCXO upgrade AMP/DAC 1 month old (Europe) [Free shipping] *Price Drop*

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by jakkal, Dec 8, 2014.
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  1. Jakkal
    For Sale
    I have Audio-gd NFB-15 version 2014  for sale. This is the latest version with TCXO and 35W power supply upgrade.
    I have bought it 1 month ago. It is practically brand new and has 9 years and 11 months warranty left. It has 10-20 hours of use.
    It costed me 319$ (260 euro) with TCXO upgrade and shipping to Germany plus 60 euro import and courier taxes.So the total it costed me 320 euro.
    I can put copy of the import tax bill with it.
    I will ship it with original package and all accessories.
    The price I'm looking for is 270€ 260€ 250€ and I will cover the shipping.
  2. Gloomy Moonie
    Why sell?
  3. Jakkal
    Need funds.
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