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Audio GD NFB 15.32 DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Pre-Amp (Perfect Condition)

Trader History (27)
  1. Pharmaboy
    For Sale
    Purchased 3 months ago based on many positive comments--which turned out be accurate. This little 3-in-1 sounds very good, plus has lots of operational flexibility & user settings (sound, gain, HP vs line out, etc). I've used it as a pre-amp and as DAC/headphone amp. It does everything competently, with no surprises or glitches. The headphone amp is surprisingly powerful & sonically pleasing, the DAC is slightly warm, good-sounding.
    I'm only selling because I have too many headphone amps & DACs. BTW, I have another Audio GD product (NOS 19 DAC) & IMO the design and sound quality of these products are excellent.
    Selling this for $175, which includes shipping w/in CONUS & PayPal.
    PM sent.

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