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Audio GD NFB 12 DAC/Headphone Amp

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  1. karmanfamily
    For Sale or Trade
     Up for sale is an Audio GD NFB 12 Headphone amp / DAC.

    It looks and works Great!
    Minor scratch on top.

    My apologies for the bad pictures. I had to make them with my phone, because the wife took the good camera for the weekend...
    Shipping is $15 to anywhere in the USA.
    No fees for paypal.

    I am willing to ship the receiver to anywhere in the world, but when you want me to ship it outside of the USA read the important information below:
    This is the 120V USA version.
    When shipping international I cannot be held responsible for any damage/loss during shipping and the customs fees/duties/charges/taxes are not included in the sales price and are your responsibility to pay.

    From the Audio GD site:

    Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels.
    Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage .
    Uses 20W high performance transformers . More than 10,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power feed.
    Total of 6 PSU groups are used to purify the power supply.

    Applies a custom order ALPS 27 volume pot for reducing channel imbalance and improving on sound quality.
    3 channels digital input :   coaxial /  Optical / USB
    DAC output :   RCA  (User can setting with either variable and fixed output level )
    Headphone output :  6.3MM SE
    Resolutions support 16 / 24-Bit with sampling rate support 44.1kHz, 48kHz,  96kHz.
    Supports up to 24Bit/96 KHz (USB model) and 24Bit/192KHz ( coaxial  inputs )
    Supports 2X , 4X and 8X oversampling customers setting

    Sound Characteristics: 
        "Neutral but smoothness sounding ,it doesn't sound skeletal or digital (or metallic). There's meat aplenty on them bones . It's a sigma-delta DAC chip implementation without the dryness, neutrality without the emotional disconnection" - John Darko

  2. iamshakes
    sent ya a PM.
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