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Audio-Gd NFB 12.1 (Discrete)

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  1. bowei006 Contributor
    For Sale
    For sale is my Audio-Gd NFB 12.1. The unit cost me $250 after shipping and I have a new unit now. 
    Here is the official page on its specs
    6 Power Supply groups are used to purify the signal
    Up to 8X OS with a switch
    Up to 192/24
    118dB SNR
    Headphone output is 10V RMS and up to 3,500 mW @ 25 ohms
    DAC is the Flagship Wolfson Dual WM8741. There are two of these in there.
    Discrete analog stages, so no OPA's.
    High Quality 10,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitators
    I prefer to do Con U.S, but depending on circumstances I can go for other places.
    Shipping is a flat $10 cost, I will cover the rest of it to the destination.
    Paypal Goods only, buyer pays small cost.
  2. bowei006 Contributor
Thread Status:
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