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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. conquerator2
    I think the 11 will be close to ODAC. The 15 will be more in-between the EF5 & ODAC.
    I'd really go with the NFB15 if I had the ODAC and EF5 myself.
    The NFB11 should be a bit too edgy and bright for neutral headphones, like Hifimans.
  2. jaxz
    Once again, thank you very much. I'm going to go for the NFB 15.
  3. wmedrz
    Does the NFB 15 support DSD? if that's of any concern...
  4. jaxz
    Yes, DSD support. I have maybe 2 dsd files. Most of my library is flac, i really don't care much about dsd
  5. conquerator2
    NFB15 does not support it, no. But it wouldn't trouble me either as I have no DSD/DXD files either :D
  6. Kamakahah
    Going to order the 15 as soon as they respond to my email. They must still be enjoying the holiday.

    I considered the fact that it doesn't have DSD support, but quickly realized that wouldn't matter to me at all. I don't own any DSD tracks and very few, if any, artists I listen to are available in that format anyway. Add to that the likelihood that I almost certainly wouldn't hear a difference, and that seals the deal...for me anyway.

    Now, if the would just reply. *sigh*.
  7. DreamKing
    Hello, I'm lost as to what to choose between 11.32 or NFB-15.32 for the Hifiman HE-560 (if they can be driven by these) or the latest LCD-2's (fazor)? Does anyone have any experience with pairing either of them with those headphones? 
    Any feedback is appreciated. 
  8. jaxz

    Ok, my bad. Anyway, I don't care about dsd. The very few dsd files I have are converted via foobar plugin to PCM. They sound good that way and I don't feel I'm missing something.
  9. Heprer
    1 Is it dead silent with headphones plugged in/ no music and knob/volume turn all the way up to max?
    2 Does the potentiometer feel butter smooth all its range of moving?
    3 Does the new drivers/firmware work? Are there incompatibilities, loss of sound, pops and so on?
    Is there a new hardware implementation since the driver started again from version 1?
    4 Is there any measurements i can see? (imd thd... etc)
  10. Swisshifi
    Hello to all,
    First, sorry for my English, I live in Switzerland, french speaking part.
    I ordered the NFB-11 (2014 - After august) directly in China (No reseler in Switzerland...), and received it 4 days after...
    I also bought new headphones, sennheiser momentum over ear black edition.
    The sound detail and instrument clarity is extremely good for me.
    The box is well constructed, and the que quality of the pot (Alps 27) very good.
    I have some knowledge in electronic, and I would say that this unit is a great bargain for that price.
    I saw some electronics schems of units that cost 4 times the price much much less better, with cheap OPAMP and old DAC.
    Assuming that I recevied this unit very quickly and in good condition means also for me that the company is very trustable and Professional. (I paid by Paypal by advance... You know, when you send money to a company that you don't know at 12 000 kilometers from your home can be
    Next, I will buy some speakers, probaly BOWERS & WILKINS 685 S2 and use it with Output Line.
    I am very happy with the product
  11. Douglaster
    1 - Yes, actually after a few seconds, with no sound been created, the unit enter the mute aspect, wich end with the *POP* sound when the sound come back. But its dead silent, even at maximum knob volume.
    2 - Smooth like silk.
    3 - Lots of problems with youre using usb extenders and such. Just plut it directly in the Motherboard USB and you´re fine. The drivers sucks but work ok ( i merely set it to 32bit 192khz and forgot that the Via audio panel exists). But they´re improving and new drivers and firmware always come out.
    4 - I dont have such exquisite equipment :frowning2:
    Heprer likes this.
  12. FangJoker
    I like this amp/dac a lot but I have to crank it all the way to max volume to pair it with senn hd650.  Which audio gb product would I have to buy to get the same sound, but with more juice to power it?
  13. DreamKing
    The audio-gd website's been down for like the whole day for me at least lol, they must be super busy these days I'm guessing. 
  14. kishorfarm
    I recently bought a NFB-11 (2014) as an upgrade to a Epiphany O2/ODAC. I'm happy with the purchase and I consider it as an upgrade from the O2/ODAC.
    But there are some annoyances:
    (1) Surprisingly the NFB-11 does not deliver much more power than the O2. The output power specified by Audio GD (about 3000mw @ 32 Ω) is SPL-wise equivalent to the output power specified by O2 (640mw @ 32 Ω). I feel a little bit deceived and tricked with this as I was hoping much more power. Luckily I don't need more, but when driving the Hifiman HE-500 I must set the volume knob at maximum in some songs (with the gain switch also set in high mode).
    (2) Everytime I pause and play a song, a relay sounds. This causes a continuous 'clic', 'clic', 'clic', when I'm pausing and playing. Also when pressing play after a pause, along with the annoying 'clics', 0.5 seconds of music are lost until the relay allows the sound signal pass again. I hate this behaviour.
    Kingwa has been very polite and already gave me a solution for (2). I must open the equipment and cut a cable to disable the relay. One day I will do so, and I thank Kingwa for the solution, but opening and cutting cables is not what I expect from a brand new product.
    All in all the NFB-11 (2014) is a good product with a good price, and apart from the power constraints, sound quality is very good, delivering a much more natural and detailed sound than the O2/ODAC.

  15. jaxz
    That's odd. The NFB15 drives my HE-500 with ease at high gain. At 12 on volume pot I get ear damaging levels. Even at low gain it gets very, very loud at 3 on volume pot. The harder to drive HE-4 gets pretty loud at 1 on high gain. The NFB 11 and 15 shares the same amp section so....
    Check your computer settings, drivers, etc.
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