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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. FangJoker
    I had a geek out 450 and sold it after a few days.  I really didn't like it at all.  I had noise issues with it.  I think that they might have fixed it, but check the geek out threads, many still have some other type of problem which is why I didn't wait for the geek pulse.  This is a much better desktop solution.  The geek out might be for you if you are looking for something smaller.  
  2. TopmanChief
    I'm having a problem with the Windows driver for my 11.32 preventing my laptop from sleeping. I think the driver is "AudiogdUSB32v2.0forwin". It doesn't happen every time, but enough to cause the IT guys to banish me from using it at work. I don't need to play files above 16/44.1, so I was wondering if someone could recommend a fix, such as:
    1. Adjust a setting in Windows?
    2. Use a different Audio-gd driver (which one?)
    3. Use a driver for a different 9018 DAC (which one?).
    All ideas appreciated, thanks.
  3. exhibitO
    Just got my NFB-11, and I have to say its marvelous. I want to wait until I'm completely sober in the mind to appreciate the greatness of this machine, but I can feel it already.
    Anyways, I'm using Optical Input with foobar, I set output to WASAPI (push) Realtek Digital Output. I notice a minor crackle when I switch between tracks or when I seek a track.
    What am I doing wrong? I didn't install any drivers or anything because I'm not on USB. What settings should I be using. 
    What do I set this to?
    The problem doesnt happen on Winamp with Realtek Digital output selected, no WASAPI obviously.
    Also, I notice when I watch a YouTube video in Chrome, it has no sound with WASAPI? I have to close foobar, and close the browser for it to play sound. What is the most seamless settings I could use for my use?
    I want the best audio possible from foobar, and the ability to switch to other applications audio seamlessly. 
  4. conquerator2
    WASAPI means there's no way for you to switch seamlessly. You'll either have to use ASIO via USB or don't allow exclusive access for the player you're using (JRiver allows such settings for example).
    Maybe stopping the track in your player will do? Cutting the signal should be enough, probably.
  5. exhibitO
    Thank you. Do you have a comment on the pictures I attached and what I should set them to?
    Also, is ASIO better quality than WASAPI?
    I still dont see the 32 bit settings in Windows Sound Manager.
  6. conquerator2

    It does not appear there.
    First one should be 16/44100hz, second one seems correct.
  7. exhibitO
    I thought that setting should be higher? I do see the 32 bit option in foobar options under output when I pick WASAPI. So keep at 16/44100hz? 
  8. conquerator2
    In windows [outside of music - for youtube, etc.] tick all the supported formats but as default choose the 2ch/16bit/44.1khz as that is what most things outside of audiophile music run at.
    For Foobar/JRiver/etc choose 16bit [or 24/32bit] and frequency according to what you play AAC/MP3 - mostly 16/44 or 16/48, FLAC - mostly 16/44 sometimes 24/96 and rarely 24/192.
    The sampling rate should be automatically detected by the DAC and so should bit depth. If you're not sure, try to find out what bit depth/sapling rate your music/application use and then choose that one.
    Either under properties of a track, or audio path [JRiver has that].
    Via USB and ASIO, all recent Audio-gd DACs operate in a fixed 32-bit depth. For Coaxial or WASAPI, the bit depth is variable. Sampling frequency is variable for all.
    It should look like this for example -
    Also, dbpoweramp is the one I use to know the sampling rate of a song when not sure, though it almost always is 16/44 or 16/48 for regular recordings. 
  9. Micha
    I was offered a NFB 11.32 from around September 2012 and just got two questions :
    Does it work without downloading a driver with an iMac (I mean plug&play) ?
    Is it still worth getting the "older" unit or should I opt for the newer 2014 version ?
  10. FangJoker
    Does anyone use HD650 with the es9018 chip and listens to heavy metal music?  I'd like to know if the hd650 can keep up and not sound sloppy because of slow decay.  I owned them before but with a tube amp  and it could not keep up so I sold them.  I am wondering if it would be different with a solid state amp.  
  11. Francisk
    My HD600 pairs very well with my Audio GD 11.32 without any sign of sloppiness at the bottom end.
  12. FangJoker
    I guess my choices are the akg 712 pro and the senn hd650. I probably should've gone with a solid state amp  from the beginning given the types of music that I listen to, but really wanted to see what tube amps were all about when I started to get into this hobby.  
  13. jaxz
    Hi. I cannot decide between the NFB 15 or 11. My current setup is:


    I like the sound that i hear but i want to try one of these Audio GD options. I plan to use the NFB 15 or 11 as a DAC/AMP combo or as a standalone DAC to feed the EF5 depending on the music/mood/headphones, but i dont know which one to choose.

    Any feedback is very welcome.

  14. conquerator2
    NFB 15 will be a bit warmer and musical, NFB 11 is a more analytic and neutral.
    For the HE-4, the NFB 15 should make a better match, for the HE-500, the NFB 11 would match a bit better,,,
    I'd probably go with the NFB15 for HiFiMAN.
  15. jaxz

    Thank you. My listening times probably are 80% HE-500 and 20% HE-4, being the 20% for specific fun listening or gaming. For me, the real deal for serious listening is the HE-500. Since i already have an Sabre DAC (ODAC) and a warm hybrid amplifier (EF5), what can i expect for the NFB 11 for the HE-500 vs my current setup? Will be a good idea to choose the NFB 15 to have "another flavor" for the HE-500 and keep my current desktop gear?

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