Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
  1. Elder
    I am able to play the file you provided with both MC23 and foobar2000 through my NFB R2R 11.
    Still need to test with NFB-11.28 and Yulong Sabre DA8. All use Amanero USB input.

    Maybe your problem is with your DAC or driver. Try to use different USB ports and cables.
    It is also worth trying to increase the buffer size in the device settings. I use the maximum 500ms, however I tried the minimum buffering and also changed the live playback latency to minimum and I was no able to cause any problems with the playback.
  2. Elder
    I had no problems playing your file with MC23 or foobar2000. I tested with NFB-11.28, NFB R2R11 and Yulong Sabre DA8. All of them have Amanero Combo384 USB input module.
    May be the problem is with your DAC or its Windows driver.
    Try changing USB ports and cables.

    I believe the download John had suggested is from the OneDrive link you provided. I guess he is thinking in the possibility of the upload download process has somehow changed the file or you may have uploaded the wrong file (like the one you've reconverted instead of the original one).
  3. capetownwatches
    I've changed USB ports and cable and reloaded drivers - it has not made a difference unfortunately.
    The file on Onedrive is the original, unconverted file.

    We will persist and find a solution eventually!
  4. Elder
    Try this procedure to compress the DSD file to WavPack:

    I have done with the sample you provided. It really makes the file smaller and both MC23 and foobar2000 play it as DSD.
    I believe MC20 will not play DSD files encoded in WavPack as bitstreamed DSD.
    This feature was introduced in MC23 as you can see form the link below.

    If your MC23 trial has not expired, yet, you can check if this compressed file works.
    The foobar2000 as I provided you will play it as DSD.
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  5. capetownwatches
    Thanks for this - I have downloaded WavPack and encoded the same track...the same problem persists!
    I tried your .wv file with the same result - silence for the most part along with random loud pops.

    What is it with these files and my DAC?? :triportsad:

    I chose another random file to encode and it worked perfectly!

    Where to from here...? :disappointed:
  6. Elder
    You can upsample to double DSD.
    I am not sure MC20 can do it, but MC23 can.


    I have the DSD input plug-in set to increase level by 6db and 30 kHz filter. You have to use some filter. I tried without filter and there were some artifacts present in the converted audio.
    I recommend you testing different filters and chose the one you like more, if you can hear any difference.


    I also enabled SoX resampler in audio configuration.

    I believe JRiver does a very good job with upsampling and resampling. It uses 64 bit depth processing.
    SoX is considered one of the best resampling algorithms, so I chose to enable it in the configuration.

    To save space, you can losslessly compress to WavPack.
    I've done this with your sample and I did not notice any degradation in audio quality.
    The compressed WavPack file lost the tagging information. May be it is a matter of configuration of the batch encoder.
    If you are not short in storage space, you should not bother compressing the album.
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  7. capetownwatches
    Thanks for the advice - I will try resampling when I get home.

    I am running MC23 at the moment, so looking forward to trying this out.
  8. ld100
    Anyone can recommend a significant step up from NFB-11? I love my unit, but keep thinking about trying something that would be even better... Has anyone upgraded to something that is similar featurewise, but is a step up?
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  9. Elder
    "Significant step up" is also a significant step up in price.
    Maybe you should consider upgrading to a balanced model. Whether this is a significant step up or not in sound quality is dependent on you being able to take advantage of the balanced connection.
    Most people say that the balanced connection will improve the sound, but we may be talking about pairing the DAC/AMP with headphones with higher price tag, too.
    I cannot advise by personal experience as I never tried any balanced headphones driven by a fully balanced DAC/AMP, but tried different headphones with the same single ended amp (NFB-15.1) and say that this may give you a significant step up in sound.
    If you already have high end headphones (or amplifier and speakers) that will reveal the differences of the DAC/AMP, then may be advisable to look for a source upgrade. If not, you may consider upgrading your headphones and or speakers first.
    The NFB-11 is bargain DAC/AMP combo with power and resolution enough to be paired with high end headphones costing many times its price.
  10. capetownwatches
    So I used MC23 to convert the original file into 2.8MHz DSD (the native sample rate - so just a direct conversion with no up or down sampling).

    Worked perfectly, sounds wonderful. Go figure.
  11. Vletrmx
    The only thing I'm not a huge fan of on this unit is the feel of the volume knob. It seems like it sticks occasionally before turning and has a resistance to it that I'm not very fond of. Does anyone else have issues with this?
  12. SteakWay
    Odd, the volume knob is one of my favorite aspects of the unit.
  13. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I just pre-ordered the NFB 11.28, when it gets shipped to me, I'll compare the sound of it to my current NFB-15.
    I'll post back the results, if anyone cares?
  14. Eduards
    Yes, I have the same issue. I thought that I was the only one.
    It sticks only when it is not used for while, but when I turn it back and forward, it turns smoothly.
  15. capetownwatches
    I care - looking forward to your feedback, and interested as to how long it is going to take for you to get delivery of the NFB 11.28.
    Seems they are only making these to order?

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