Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

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  1. capetownwatches
    Thanks Elder - I spent an hour yesterday trying to get foobar working properly for DSD playback, with no luck - it is very frustrating software!

    I will simply use native DSD with MC23 instead of bitstreaming when I want to listen to this particular file - or my V20 which is no slouch.
  2. capetownwatches
    I agree that the problem must be with the file itself - I have only come across this problem with 2 files out of all my many DSD recordings.
    The LG V20 does not convert or modify the file in any way.

    Therefore the issue must be with the way these 2 particular files interact with the JRiver software, or they would not play on the V20 at all if they were faulty.

    When I finally have the time and inclination to setup foobar2000 we will find out if they play on that - my bet is that they will...
  3. john57
    The LGV20 does not convert DSD? I did a quick check and it seems that maybe it does.
    LG has hamstrung the V20 by providing software that cannot take full advantage of the ES9218 DAC and giving no way for 3rd party vendors to do so either. They indicate in spec sheets and advertising that they support DSD and high bitrate PCM, but they really only convert DSD to PCM and decimate the audio so that what was recorded is not exactly what you hear.

    I am not sure how correct the information is but it is not unusual desktop DAC's I know to convert the DSD file to PCM for processing. If your LG20 has a digital volume controls and it is able to adjust the volume of the DSD file that mean it is doing it in the PCM domain. Only analog volume control can control the volume of the DSD file natively. My NFB-29H has digital control for the gain resistor relays and operate the volume in the analog domain.

    P.S. If I can download your troubled DSD file I can check it out on several other DAC's that I have that can play DSD natively.
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  4. JimJames
    Prolly been asked before but how you reckon this audio gn nfb11 would pair with the k701? cause I was thinking on getting the hifiman's he400i but if it can power sufficiently the k701 i might save some good money. Thanks in advance!
  5. Elder
    I have a foobar2000 portable installation that is ready to use.

    Download from this OneDrive link:!AgUKiBSHyR2thbwGFTQagMN0p3uDlw

    You will have to install the DSDTranscoder. I did not figured out how to make it work in the portable foobar folder, so you will have to install it if you did not have done it, yet.
    It is in a folder inside of the SACD Decoder component installation zip file.

    Once having DSDTransconder installed, just run foobar2000.exe from the portable folder I shared with you.

    Check the foobar2000 configurations.
    Go to File/Preferences/Output and select the DSD : ASIO : DSD Transcoder (DoP/Native) and click on OK


    Go to File/Preferences/Output/ASIO and double click on DSD Transcoder (DoP/Native)


    Select your DAC ASIO device and change all formats that are set as DoP to DSD


    Change the library folders to where you have your music stored.
    File/Preferences/Media Library


    You can select the music files from the Album List. It is also possible to open a music file directly by the File/Open menu.

    I hope this will make it easier for you running foobar2000.


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  6. Elder
    Looking at the K701 specs, as it has 62 ohms, 105 dB SPL/V sensitivity and considering that the NFB-11 has 1800 mW@50ohms and 10Vrms of output, I am pretty sure it will drive that headphones easily. It drives my DT990 Pro 250 ohms (96dB of sensitivity) very well. The HE400i is one of the easiest to drive HiFiMan headphones but it seems to be no easier for the amp than the K701. Beware that all I have said is based on specifications, only. I have never tried the an Audio-gd NFB amp with the K701, however I tried a NFB-15.1 with the old HE400 (less sensitive than both K701 and HE400i) and they matched very well. I ended up selling the NFB-15.1 to the HE400 owner. The NFB-11.28 has a similar amp. I believe all Audio-gd single ended NFB series share the same amp.
  7. JimJames
    Good to know, thanks man!
  8. capetownwatches
    I do not agree with the post on Reddit, and much of what was said has been proven incorrect. The V20 does not convert DSD to PCM, it plays it natively (and better than any other mobile and most dedicated DAPs too).
    FYI, it also has an ANALOGUE volume control.

    Thanks for your offer to check out the DSD file.

    Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!
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  9. capetownwatches
    That's great Elder - thank you!

    I will use your setup and I am sure it will be very useful.
    I'll keep you posted once I have found the time to play with it.
  10. capetownwatches
    I have the K612 (120 ohm/101 dB SPL/V) and my NFB-11 has no trouble at all driving the crap out of them. The K701 is a little easier to drive than the K612 so you'll have no issues at all.
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  11. JimJames
    Even better to know! Cause I am about to buy my first hifi setup (for pc) and my idea was to invest the most on the cans and then tighten the burdget for the dac/amp. But now that thanks to the guy from dms3 tv on youtube I've found about this godly dac/amp (he even says that many people prefer this over the dedicated 800€ one from sennheiser, is it really that good?) I'm considering to look into the akgs given that they're regarded as great headphones (k612,k701/2...) for very low price (they rank among cans in the 300-400 bracket right?) instead of the he400i, ATH AD900 or sens hd600 and 650 (or even hd700 if they sound similar to the 800 which I love, and if I can get 'em down to near 300€) that I had been trying. I listen to a very wide variety of genres but would prefer them to shine the most on symphonies, which I guess soundstage, imaging and dinamic sound is which I should look for.

    I'm asking these recommendations here instead of the general thread for it because if this dac/amp is as good as everyone is raving about then it would become the principal part for my setup and then choose the headphones I prefer within 300€ , so basically if I'd like the akgs as much as the sens or hifimans I'd be saving good money which I very much need right now. Much obliged fellars
  12. john57
    No problem with the onedrive DSD file on my NFB-29H, IFI nano and IFI Retro all indicating DSD playback.
  13. capetownwatches cannot be my DAC surely? It plays literally everything else flawlessly.
    I must run it with foobar2000 ASAP to put my mind at rest!

    Thanks for taking the trouble to test the file.
  14. john57
    Next download the file and reconfirm that you can not play the file. As an engineer sometimes I have to confirm multi times to make sure of the results. Second, do you have the Amanero USB interface option?
  15. capetownwatches
    It gets even stranger - now suddenly the file is bitstreaming, but with intermittent loud pops - basically unlistenable, but previously I might get just a second of playback, now it's playing for up to 30 seconds without popping.
    From where must I download?

    I have the USB32 interface, not Amanero.
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