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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. willowbrook
    I'm guessing DSD,DXD support, 384K playback capability, can upgrade transformer to 35W?
    You might be better off sending an e-mail to them for specifics.
  2. JustinZ
    Just ordered my NFB-11
    2x TCXO
    Came to $525CAD with our now ****ty exchange rate
    This will be my first DAC or AMP, hoping this will be my endgame unit along with my also hopefully endgame HD-650s
    Upgrading from HD-555s and M50s
  3. teofilrocks
    Hmm, so one day the solution they have is to cut a wire inside, and the next it's to wait for a firmware update? That makes me a little nervous buying, especially when you add in all the comments in Audio-GD threads about driver difficulty.
  4. willowbrook
    Oh wow, I just notice the exchange rate for canadian dollar changed substantially. That is some crazy change.
  5. willowbrook
    The product itself is great...the problem is only related to WASAPI. I will try ASIO when HD600 gets here...
  6. teofilrocks
    Ah, ok. I'm really not familiar with WASAPI and ASIO. I use iTunes and Spotify, not Foobar or JRiver, since I'm not into high-res audio files. So I'm guessing neither of those drivers would apply to me?
  7. willowbrook
    Installing driver is very easy and it works well. Also, if you use iTunes and Spotify, there are going to be no problems. Same with other softwares that use directsound.
  8. SpirosG
    WASAPI, by itself doesn't have this kind of behaviour ...
    I read that you use VLC ... Have you tried foobar ?  
  9. willowbrook
    I am talking about wasapi on foobar2k...I can't get anything to work on VLC except for DS. I just installed the post/pre-track silence component that you suggested, this might be a temp fix for now.
  10. teofilrocks
    I could also try using optical first, since I'm on an iMac running BootCamp. No drivers needed. Should be no audio gap.
  11. willowbrook
    I think I saw someone post that optical had no problem.
  12. conquerator2
    Actually, my Audio-gd related problems were always due to the ASIO drivers, I believe, which then crippled WASAPI as well... Or rather the crappy VIA drivers, which are the native ASIO drivers...
    I hope I was just unlucky, as these issues don't seem too common to begin with.
  13. Surlias
    The drivers were easy to install. I haven't tried WASAPI, but Direct Sound seems to work ok. The only issue for me really is how it takes a second to start outputting sound after initiating playback, and sometimes when switching tracks or albums or whatever. I definitely have the issue even with playback in apps like VLC, which Willowbrook says he doesn't. Seems like everyone has a slightly different experience.
  14. willowbrook
    Hmm..I just tried pausing and playing movies in VLC. I use Foobar2k for music playback.
  15. teofilrocks
    What was it about the NFB-15 combo you didn't like? What did you like more about the Project Ember? I'm on the fence between the NFB-11 and NFB-15, and I'm not sure which would be better for my HD650 and soon-to-arrive TH600. Open to other options like a Project Ember and Modi or something in a similar price range.
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