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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. matt120
    That's a very good point! I'll look into how many dBs I can reduce by... It just doesn't sound as good that way or maybe I'm just convincing myself it's bad
  2. godlyatheist
    I noticed that when using USB my computer will BSOD nonstop if I use the integrated USB 2.0 ports from the Intel chipset. If I use the USB3.0 ports (Eltron), then I don't get BSOD. The first 1 sec of playback is always skipped on USB. Using optical now. Also, I thought using optical completely bypasses the onboard sound card but I can still change the volume with Windows volume slider. Is this normal?
  3. FangJoker
    Do I need a more powerful amp/dac?  I have a senn hd650 and have it cranked up all the way and it's loud but I want it to be louder. Any audio gd recommendations for more juice but the same sound?
  4. godlyatheist
    How is that possible? At 25% it's more than loud enough for me with the HD650. I'd be going dead at 40-50% on fire volume know. Are you sure your music player and system settings have the correct volume?
  5. conquerator2
    Maybe his source has a weaker power output. Like a phone, portable player, anything that runs off a battery, etc.
  6. godlyatheist
    I thought he meant having to turn the volume know to max on his current audio gd amp. He's asking for another audio gd with same sound signature but more power.
  7. conquerator2
    I dunno. His source is not listed on his profile. If I knew that, that'd make it easier.
  8. Heprer
    Finally my audio gd nfb 11 made his way to my desk! It sounds very good!!! for my tastes at least, but the pop sound and the loss of the first two seconds when changing tracks(yourself) made me grin my teeth.
    But wait! here's the solution!
    Install this and in foobar preferences - playback - DSP manager-chose affix silence.
    Configure it so it has silence before (milliseconds) 2000 and silence after (milliseconds) 0.
    This solved my nitpick with this awesome amp/dac unit.
    Hope it'll help.
  9. godlyatheist
    I wish I had known that before going optical. I'll leave mine on optical since I don't want to lose an USB3.0 port to the dac. Bookmarked this for the future.
  10. schuetz
    Does it mean the new VIA VT 1731 isn't able to support ARM Linux based computers  (plugcomputers or NAS) ?
    If yes, why not using XMOS chip wich works well on any device ?
  11. genclaymore

    I wonder that as well, since like you said has wide range of support. It shouldn't be too hard to make a adapter like the VIA and place the xmos chip on it, since the Usb chip is replaceable. Unless there's more to it then just doing that.
  12. conquerator2
    I believe Kingwa already tried the XMOS chip but did not like the resulting sound. That is what I read.
  13. FangJoker
    The source is my computer connected via usb.  I use jriver mc20 and I do notice that volume is lower on jriver than other media players.  I had no problems when I owned schiit gear, but wanted to go SS instead of tube so went with the audio gd.  I like jriver a lot as it sounds better to me than other media players but having to crank it to near max levels is not what I think I should be needing to do.  I have checked system volume and software volume settings and both are maxed.  I have to keep investigating jriver settings and see if I can get more volume out of it somehow.
  14. hifidream
    Just ordered the nfb11 with TCXO upgrade. Merry Xmas everyone :)
  15. smodtactical
    Hey everyone I was thinking about going for the NFB 11 or 15, but all the usb issues people are having with the 11 is making me a bit worried. If I want something that will work out of the box with usb, should I avoid the NFB 11 and go for the 15 because it seems people are not having as much problems with the 15.
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