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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. Deltron 3030

    The one I'm looking at has usb input... inferior how so?
  2. i019791
    If the usb receiver is a Tenor chip, it is inferior to the currently used one from Via
  3. Falconetti
    How susceptible is the NFB-11 to nearby electric equipment, got a electric desk with the motor placed underneath at the same location where I plan to place the NFB-11 on top, shouldn't be a problem, right?
    Also, have a cable duct in aluminium underneath the desk where I have a powerplug box and cables. I need to let the 3 meter cable from the T70 headphone pass throught that, will it cause any kind of humming disturbance?
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The NFB-11 is a metal case, so that should help block electrical noise, plus you can always put a flat piece of metal underneath it for extra protection.
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  5. Falconetti
    Thanks, Also, have a cable duct in aluminium underneath the desk where I have a powerplug box and cables. I need to let the 3 meter cable from the T70 headphone pass through that, will it cause any kind of humming disturbance?
  6. Nitrius
    Do anyone know how the NFB-11 compares to the DacMagic Plus? And does the NFB-11 have any problem with electrical noise?
  7. davegreening
    Does anyone have the old (pre-2014) USB drivers? Thanks
  8. SpirosG
    Hi guys, 
    I'm a new member, Spiros from Greece ... I 've been reading  the forum for some years, as I 'm an active head-fier ... recently, I bought the HE-500 and looking for good amplification as well a 9018 dac chip, I concluded for the NFB 11(2014), also liking its ability to play DSD/DXD files, as I own many hundreds of the kind ... 
    I received the unit 2 days ago, from a European reseller of Audio-Gd. It is a 35w transformer unit with the TXCO upgrade. Thinking that is a fresh unit, i downloaded the current USB32 driver, but that was a failure ... Then I contacted KingWa, who informed me that according to my unit's  serial no, it is a July model, so I needed to download the V3 driver. 
    After some efforts and about 10 instal/uninstal/laptop restarts i managed to install the drivers. I must admit that pcm reproduction is really excellent and the NFB 11 /HE -500 combo gives a stellar performance. 
    However, it is impossible to have dsd playback. I' m a relative experienced computer audiophile and i've been playing and configuring Foobar for some years now. I have all the necessary plug-ins, I tried every combination. No matter what i tried , i have no dsd playback. Instead i receive several kind of messages, like '''...Unrecoverable playback error: The process receiving or sending data has terminated...''', or I have no sound at all, or i have just a terrible distortion sound.  I exchanged some mails with Audio-gd, who keep giving me the typical advices, that are allready included in their website guides and give no solution to my problem. I remember reading some simiral problems in this forum, and i spend the day reading several pages of this thread, as well as, the USB32 thread ( http://www.head-fi.org/t/638252/audio-gd-usb-32-firmware-drivers-and-feedback-thread/330), but i didn' t find any solutions in my exact dsd playback problem.
    Does anybody had this trouble and finally found a solution ? 
    How could i see my units firmware version ? I read about a tool that allows new firmware installation, but found nothing in Audio Gd's website.
    Is there a chance to solve such kind of drivers problems, by switching to linux ? or sometime later by  buying a mac ?
    it is really a pity that such nice and VFM hardware doesn't have a same level software /support companion.  
    Thanks for the attention. I would really appreciate some help !
  9. SpirosG
    Hi, The problem was solved. A clean re-installation of Foobar & necessary plug-ins did it. 
    I must admitt that KingWa kept answering all my emails, and he was also willing to deal with the matter himself, by some kind of a remote desktop application.
    Now, my only problem is those pop/clicks from the relay ... I wonder if anybody got rid of them by installing the newest firmware ... 
  10. Falconetti
    got mine today, sadly the powercord is of chinese standard, I need europlug standard powercord. So would it be of any concern if I just used a spare europlug cable I have laying around from an older monitor? The cable looks identical to the china one in the end that is going into the NFB-11, or might I risk the unit in anyway if I try?
  11. SpirosG
    You don't have to worry about the cord ... it will be ok, anyway many guys upgrade the power cords for better sonic performance.
    Just make sure, that the voltage of the unit, as it is written in the back of it, is of your country's standards. For Europe 230 V,  50-60HZ
    Falconetti likes this.
  12. Falconetti

    Thanks, already checked the backside. Got a sticker that says 230V , but nothing about 50-60HZ. Should be okey anyways, right?
  13. SpirosG
    Yepp !
    the important is the voltage ... you' re ok !
    Falconetti likes this.
  14. Falconetti
    For anyone wondering, the NFB 11 paired together with the T70 is void of all warmth, far from an ideal match. I should have listened to Mad lust Envy's warning :frowning2:
  15. conquerator2
    Well, the Sabre chips really are neutral... They'll give you what the headphone/track has, nothing more, nothing less.
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