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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. SoniMax
    My R2R started acting up few minutes ago. The right channel started producing this hissing sound as if changing the freq on the radio.
    I, first, thought it might be a problem with my speakers which were connected to the R2R through the 6.33m jack but then I plugged in my headphones and the right channel was producing the same sound.
    Has any one encountered this issue?
    It's happening on my laptop via USB. Sadly, I don't have an optical cable (I don't think my laptop supports optical at all, too) to check if it is the USB that is causing the problem.
    I have just emailed audio g-d. Hopefully there is a simple solution that won't require me sending it back and waiting for a new one.
  2. trials1n
    tldr: I purchased a Schiit Eitr for my NFB-11.28 and wasn't totally happy with the improvements.

    This if the first post for me here after lurking on this thread for quite a while. When I purchased my NFB-11.28 last September, I wasn't yet aware of the R2R-11. In the months that followed, reading through all the hype on the R2R-11 caused me to feel a little bit of buyer's remorse at times, but then I would listen to the NFB-11.28 and forget about all that. I've been extremely happy with the sound of the NFB-11.28 paired with HD-650s. It's pure, detailed bliss.

    This brings me to the Schiit Eitr. Even thought the NFB-11.28 has been nearly flawless for me, I've experienced a few minor quirks with the Amanero interface in Windows 10. For example, sometimes Windows won't output any audio after the computer wakes from sleep, which is easily fixed by closing and reopening all applications that use the device. System sounds became a no-go as well, because the first hundred or so milliseconds of the noises would get cut off. This was remedied by disabling system sounds, so no big loss there.

    When I started seeing the rave reviews of the Schiit Eitr pop up in this thread, I was intrigued. I wanted to give it a try to see if it would cure the Amanero's quirks, and I was also curious to see if it would improve the sound quality of the NFB-11.28. Most (if not all) of the accounts in this thread seemed to be about how it pairs with the R2R-11.

    I received the Schiit Eitr last week and my initial impressions were very positive. It addressed the minor Windows quirks I mentioned above, and I immediately noticed a big difference in sound as well. The NFB-11.28 already has a reputation for conveying lots of clarity and detail, but the Schiit Eitr took it even further. It's hard for me to describe the differences since I'm relatively new to this hobby, but the Eitr made higher-frequency treble details like cymbals and clicky sounds stand out more. Overall, it sounded like there was more separation between highs/lows, and between the different instruments in a recording. I was also noticing small details in recordings that hadn't stood out to me before.

    Even though I was intrigued by the Schiit Eitr's effect on the NFB-11.28's sound, I also had a sense that music was noticeably more fatiguing to listen to. I decided to give myself 4-5 days to see if I'd get used to it. On the 5th day, I did a bunch of A-B testing between the built-in Amanero and Schiit Eitr. After about 30 minutes of going back and forth, I decided that the sound of the Amanero is more pleasing to my ears even though it's not quite as detailed. The Schiit Eitr is an impressive device, but I'm not sure if it pairs as well with the NFB-11.28 as it does with the R2R-11. I wish I had an R2R-11 on hand to compare.
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  3. FredA
    These converters can make the sound brighter or less bright, depending on which one. Jitter or the lack of it can have effects anywhere in the spectrum. It's as important as anything as far as the sound characteristic of a dac is concerned.
  4. FredA
    Restart your playback sw, then try rebooting.

    On my machine, the r2r 11 has been playing continuously for over a week without any problem. I use the latest foobar with wasapi on windows 7.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  5. alota
  6. YJX94
    Did it improve bass presence or impact or both etc?
  7. Lushy Brushy
    My R2R-11 is having the same pink noise my Fx-audio x6 had but here it is worse because it happens without warning anywhere during songs. This is extremely annoying now. I am running an iMac and running the R2R through USB, I have the wireless keyboard and a usb wireless mouse connected to the computer as well as some speakers via the 3.5 input and that's it. I thought it could be overheating so I opened the windows in my room but I have no idea why it's producing such a horrible noise. Specially when I turn the volume up and this noise rapes my ears :triportsad:.

    Anyone have similar problems? Suggestions? I have no clue as to what the issue may be. Happens randomly at any time!!!!! :rage:
  8. HiFi7352
    Can I use the RCA DAC output as RCA in for a CD player for example or a phone? I find it strange the R2R not having a RCA input.
  9. gLer
    Does it happen when you’re playing a specific file type, like DSD? I can tell you at least a few units I know of have faint radio noise in at least one channel when playing back DSD files, and that Audio-GD are working on a fix. Not sure if your issue is the same. Could also be a faulty USB cable, or possibly your CPU is working too hard and affecting the audio signal - happens in my 27” iMac if I’m listening while stressing it out with Lightroom.
  10. Lushy Brushy
    I think this is different because the whole headphone goes pink noise really loud, then I have to pause the song or give it a little time. I've come to the conclusion that the R2R was overheating because the problem never happens when I open my windows to let some air in and the R2R doesn't get as hot, so maybe it needs some ventilation (Australia gets pretty hot).

    Now the problem is I live next to a main road and the train line, so with the windows open I can hear every detail in cars' engines (lacks a little sub bass) instead of the details in the music :ok_hand:.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  11. tauceti
    I have Eitr and both NFB 11.28 and R2R 11 and tried both with Eitr. As you describe the better clarity and separation I can confirm that with the NFB 11.28 and also with R2R 11. I really like it and don't find the sound fatiguing. Perhaps thats why I like the NFB 11.28 a little bit more as it provides still more clarity which I prefer over the R2R 11. Still I need to further burn in both devices. Note: Both devices are very similar and Eitr improves that even more and for me removed the popping noise on R2R 11. You will also need a good coax cable. Currently thinking about getting a better power cable where some guys here said it would improve sound. Don't really believe it but perhaps I'll give it a try.
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  12. FredA
    About the power cable upgrade, just a monoprice 14awg should give an upgrade, i will not use anything pricier. I use a similar cable (i.e. not from monoprice) and my r2r 11 has perfect bass and everything. It is a small upgrade.

    I also use a jitterbug. Some kind of udb isolation/filtering can be useful,
  13. FredA
    You might have a hardware problem, bad soldering point or something. Or bad amanero board, if you only have the problem with usb.
  14. SoniMax
    That's the problem I was trying to describe yesterday.
    I will most probably have to return the unit to China. I was asked if I could check the right channel chip with a DC meter but I don't have one at hand. I might get one tomorrow.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  15. braaam
    Similar issues have been discussed in this thread. In my case, switching to an amazon basics usb cable solved it.
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