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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. winja
    Can you comment about the R2R 11's ability to retrive details and its soundstage comparing to the Matrix? I have the Matrix currently and just like to hear some opinions about the 2 gears. My headphones are not power hungry so power is not an issue for me.

    Also, thank you for bringing the pop issues to light. I have a Yggdrasil, and I used to have the optical out from my Creative X-fi to the Yggdrasil. Doing that made the Yggdrasil made a click sound constantly, every time the sample rates were changed. I couldn't stand it either so I changed to another SPDIF transport, and the clicking are gone. So the R2R 11 is not the only dac that has this problem. I don't have the R2R 11 yet but I could see how the pop sounds come about.
  2. gLer
    I have no real complaints about the detail retrieval or soundstage from either. I also don’t think my ears are experienced enough to quantify any subtle difference you might hear, and I honestly think the headphones have much more of an influence on soundstage and details than amping. As long as you have good headphones I don’t think either amp will let you down. It ultimately comes down to synergy - both the R2R and Matrix have great synergy with my LCD-2F, but only the R2R pairs really well with my Atticus. The Matrix is fine with the Atticus, but the R2R gives it more slam. I’d say the dac is the star of the show when it comes to the R2R - as I said elsewhere the dac/amp combination of the R2R sounds better with my headphones than my $900 Matrix/ifi combo.
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  3. winja
    Thank you for your feedback. I'm getting closer and closer to order an R2R Dac from Audio GD.
  4. Autostart
    What a great combo. The dac on the R2R 11 feeding my Woo WA22. The dac is so great I'm thinking about getting the R2R 1.

    20180203_164135.jpg 20180204_230450.jpg
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  5. FredA
    Here is my r2r 11 check list after a week and approx. 120 hours, wtih the easy to drive mdr-7506:

    Extented and smooth highs: check
    Extended lows: check
    Well defined bass: check
    Smooth and resolved sound: check
    Very very good tonal balance (neutrality): check
    Rich medium: check
    Wide and deep soundstage: check
    Good microdynamics: check
    Good macrodynamics: check
    Very transparent without much coloration, if any: check

    Soundwise, it's excellent all around with pretty much all music styles i have tried. It's a very rare thing for a dac to be competent in an all these areas for so little money. Hence my alluding to it as entry-level high-end. Most audiophiles under a budget out there have never heard a dac sounding so good as part of their setups.

    I think this a result of a short digital signal path, great conversion boards, excellent usb interface, and an overall proven design (no negative feeback, dc coupling, acss, class-A, double-stage oversized old school psus).

    Now as a dac/amp driving the 7506s, although these have tremedous qualities and are a steal under 100$, the r2r 11 deserves better cans. Not too hard to drive planars, for instance. I tried the r2r 11 briefly with the k701 and was very pleased with the combination. Close to what i get with the he-560 only with better/deeper bass, the k701 being easier to drive.
  6. YJX94
    How does the R2R 11 handle the (non-existent) bass, treble, soundstage and imaging of the K701 and have you tried the warm setting with the jumpers?
  7. FredA
    I never found the bass to be non existant on the k701 but always had a dac and amp that were capable enough for it to be well defined, punchy and extended. As far as quantity, it is not a generous set, but frankly, i don't like exagerated bass. Quality over quantity is what I look for.

    I have not tried the smooth setting (jumper). The thing is the r2r 11 adds a little bit of mids which suits the k701 and makes it more enjoyable. It was only a short trial i did but i found the combination very promising. Nothing was standing out as bad or lacking.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  8. YJX94
    I know the bass isn't non-existent but it's simply not satisfying enough, bass port mod and K712 pads will fix that. I've heard the warm jumper setting completely ruins the treble so it's probably for extremely piercingly bright headphones or it just sucks like I've seen people say. Since you have the R2R 11 you should test it and give this thread your feedback on that too.
  9. FredA
    I could but there is not a single good comment, or perhaps just one on this jumper setting. The thing is the r2r 11 sounds great as is. I really have absolutely no interest in changing what i consider to be an excellent balance.

    I have not done the bass port mod on my k701 either, but they are the Chinese-made ones. They may not have the infamous bass problem. I tried to unlock the gridded caps to perform the mod, but they seemed glued there. I gave up. I like them as is anyway. One good thing about them is they feature a 4-wire cable which can be re-terminated for balance operation, which i did. Got a small sound upgrade with this.

    These days, the he-560 get all the listening time in my home setup. I use the r2r 11 with the 7506 at the office. I might get a semi-closed set of akg for the office, like the k240pro, or something better within a budget.
  10. YJX94
    Still try the jumper setting yourself and see in the name of research, won't take long. Also for the K701 if the bass port mod cannot be done then I suggest trying out the K712 pads for it, they are super comfy and bring up the bass too.

    As for the office you should take a look at the AKG K550 MKIII, it's one of the best closed backs under $200.
  11. FredA
    My r2r 11 is at the office and my k701 are home. So can't try the setting tonight, sorry. I might try it with the Sonys tomorrow, but i may not have time. Thanks for the hp advise.
  12. YJX94
    No rush, try it whenever you can if you want to leave feedback on it here.
  13. YJX94
    Forgot to ask you something. The NFB-11.28 has digital filter settings inside which you can tinker with, they're basically a hardware equaliser. Nothing is said about this on the R2R 11 on its official page on the audio gd website, does the R2R 11 have these too?
  14. FredA
    No. The only setting is the with jumpers.
  15. thyomit
    I also have the Chinese made k701 and the gridded caps are not glued on, not mine anyway. I did the bass mod and the lows did improve noticeably. Just need some force to untwist the caps.
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